NYU Law Abroad

NYU Law in Latin America: Buenos Aires

Program Update

The application for Spring 2025 NYU Law Abroad in Buenos Aires will open on Monday, January 22 and run until Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET. JD students in the classes of 2025 and 2026 are encouraged to apply.  To apply, please visit our Application and Enrollment page.

About the Program

NYU Law in Buenos Aires provides up to 25 NYU Law students in their second or third year the opportunity to immerse themselves in the law and legal culture of Latin America while studying in an academic program established and administered by the Law School. 

The program provides exposure to domestic legal structures throughout Latin America, and the challenges faced by legal systems in the region. It has a particular focus on economic and institutional development, which provides a platform for addressing the crosscutting social, legal, and business challenges that this dynamic and fast-growing region faces. Courses focus on administrative issues in dispute resolution in Latin America; transnational bankruptcy and sovereign debt restructuring; commercial transactions in Latin America; and current legal debates in Latin America. A clinic is offered that focuses on policy advocacy on a variety of issues, such as human rights, access to justice, and institutional development in Latin America.

All courses are taught in English by faculty from the region and are held at NYU's Academic Center in Buenos Aires. These faculty members consist of leading academics and practitioners in Argentina and Brazil.

The program also offers the opportunity to study Spanish at NYU’s Academic Center in Buenos Aires and to interface with regional law firms and legal institutions. Selected students from UBA will also participate in NYU Law courses, providing NYU students with opportunities to interact with local students and have dynamic classroom discussions that incorporate local viewpoints. In addition, students may also choose to take select law courses in Spanish offered by UBA.

NYU Law Abroad encourages students to delve into the cultural context of the region’s legal issues by planning excursions to places of academic and cultural interest in Buenos Aires. The Academic Center in Buenos Aires also makes various extra-curricula activities available to NYU Law students.

Students also have the opportunity to pursue Directed Research in their fields of interest. 

Professor Florencia Marotta-Wurgler is the NYU Faculty Program Director who oversees the program.

More information about the site facilities can be found on NYU Buenos Aires's webpage on Facilities & Services.

Spring Semester Academic Calendar

Event Date
Arrival and Orientation Mid-January
First Day of Class Mid-January
Spring Break Late March
Last Week of Classes Late April 
Reading Day / Holiday (NYU BA Closed) Early May
Final Exam Period Early to Mid-May


Course schedules are available within the COURSES registration system at the same time that regular courses for the spring semester are published. Some courses may be subject to the adjunct cap. For more information about academic requirements, please visit the Office of Academic Services's webpage on program requirements.

All courses administered by NYU Law are evaluated with letter grades, appearing on student transcripts and counting towards the students GPA. However, courses offered and administered by the University of Buenos Aires School of Law, the partner institution, will not count towards GPA, only appearing on transcripts as credits earned, rather than as individual courses.

Spring Semester Courses

Language Courses: Students who have a working knowledge of the Spanish language will generally receive a greater benefit from their experience. Students are therefore encouraged to take language courses at NYU or elsewhere before participating. Students may also find it useful to take language courses offered by the Academic Center while studying in Buenos Aires. No law school credit will be awarded for courses intended solely for language instruction, however; NYU language courses will appear in transcripts.

Tuition and Living Costs

Students participating in NYU Law Abroad pay full tuition to NYU Law for the semester. Tuition will cover a full course load; students who wish to take additional courses may do so at an additional expense. Information about NYU Law School tuition can be found on the Office of Student Financial Services's webpage on student expense budget.

For information about cost of living and other expenses in Buenos Aires, please visit NYU Buenos Aires's webpage on costs and budgeting.


Students can find their own apartment before they arrive by working with a recommended rental agency.

Passport, Visa and Residence Permit Requirements

Students should obtain the necessary passport and visa to study in Argentina. Students are able to coordinate the process with the Office of Global Services.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Unfortunately, the NYU Buenos Aires Academic Center facilities are not fully accessible for persons with disabilities. Students in need of disability-related accommodations who are considering global opportunities are strongly encouraged to reach out to the Office of Global Programs at law.globalstudents@nyu.edu. Accessibility and accommodations may be discussed in consultation with specialists from the Moses Center.