JD Law Abroad and Exchange

Exchange Programs

NYU Law’s Exchange Program has been in operation for more than twenty years, allowing between two to four NYU Law students per year to take courses at nine foreign institutions across three continents. Once selected by NYU Law, exchange students directly enroll at the partner institution for credit earned toward their NYU Law JD degree.

Presently, NYU Law students can participate in exchange programs with the following institutions:

The number of students who may be sent to each of the law school exchange program is limited by agreement with the exchange partner and in some cases by ABA rules. Thus, the law school may receive more applications for a particular program than can be accommodated. Please refer to each exchange program webpage for more information about the number of students who can participate each year. Please note that additional consideration will be given to all students entering their third year. Because places are limited, deferrals of acceptance are not ordinarily permitted. Students declining selection must reapply.

If you are nominated by NYU to participate in an exchange program, you will be required to complete and submit the host institution’s application for official admission to the Exchange. Should you be accepted by the host institution, you will receive an acceptance letter and instructions for obtaining your visa.

Students interested in an independent exchange or short-term research at an institution not listed above should contact the Office of Global Programs at law.globalstudents@nyu.edu.

Coursework and Credits

Students are expected to register in law courses and complete the equivalent of 12 NYU credits while participating in the Exchange program. While considering an Exchange program, students should consider the number of credits they will need to graduate. While students may take additional courses at the discretion of the host institution, they will not receive any NYU Law credit for additional courses taken beyond what is considered the normal course load.

Exchange students will receive credit for the courses taken at an exchange institution; however, these courses will not count towards GPA and will appear on transcripts as credits earned through the exchange program at the partner institution. Credits will be calculated according to the same method as NYU Law classes in New York. Each credit will be worth 700 minutes of instruction, exclusive of class break or final exam time.

Program Update

Applications to the NYU Law Exchange outbound program for AY2024-2025 will open on Monday, January 22 and run until Wednesday, February 7 at 11:59 PM EST. JD students in the class of 2025 are eligible to  apply for Fall 2024 exchange, and JD students in the class of 2026 are eligible to apply for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 exchange. For more information, please visit our Application and Enrollment page.