Exchange Programs

JD Students Exchange Program

NYU Law participates in exchange programs with 11 universities located on 4 continents. Each program allows 2 to 4 NYU Law students per year to take courses at a foreign institution. Exchange students have regular access to all of the host institution’s facilities, including law libraries and campus resources.

JD students may participate in an exchange program during either semester of their 2L year or during the Fall semester of their 3L year. Students who transferred to NYU School of Law from another law school are only eligible to participate in an exchange during the Fall of their 3L year. Exchange students will receive credit for the courses taken at an exchange institution; however, these courses will not count towards GPA and will appear on transcripts as credits earned through the exchange program at the partner institution.

If you are interested in one of our approved exchange programs, please take the time to consider the information that can be found by following the links to the right. Should you have any questions after reviewing the materials here, please contact the Office of Global Programs at

For 2020-2021, NYU Law students can participate in exchange programs with the following institutions:

Independent Exchanges

Students interested in being an exchange student at an institution not listed above should contact the Office of Global Programs at

Students Interested in Studying at NYU Law

Only students from our partner law faculties are eligible to apply to spend a semester at NYU Law as an exchange student. To apply, please click here.  Should you have any questions after reviewing the materials here, please contact us at

If you are interested in studying at NYU School of Law for more than one semester, please visit the Office of Admissions for information about transfer and third year visiting students. Transfer and Non-Matriculant admission are available to students who are in good standing in Juris Doctor programs at law schools that are either Members of the Association of American Law Schools or approved by the Section on Legal Education of the American Bar Association.