Exchange Programs

Bucerius Law School (Hamburg, Germany)

Fast Facts 

  • Semester: Fall only. Summer Programs prior to the Fall semester are available
  • Housing: No student housing – apartment sublets available
  • Language of Instruction: English (auditing German courses possible)

About the Program

NYU students have the opportunity to enroll in Bucerius’ specially designed International and Comparative Business Law program. While immersed in one of the most important international law environments, the European Union, students will study alongside with 100 exchange students and 300 German students in Germany’s first and only private law school. Bucerius offers intensive, high-level international academic and practical training, personal development opportunities, and a close community.

Up to two NYU Law students may participate each Fall. Students must be in their second or third-year and have spent at least one full year at the NYU School of Law. Courses are conducted in English, but students proficient in German may audit courses within the German curriculum.

Founded in 2000 by the ZEIT-Stiftung, Bucerius is one of Germany's largest non-profit foundations. The founders wanted to create an academically accomplished, practice-oriented, and bi-lingual legal education with a focus on international business law. Already hailed as one of the top law faculties in Germany, one of Bucerius’ strengths is its internationalism. Students pursue the LLB degree, and each is required to pursue an internship and spend a semester at one of Bucerius’ 94 worldwide partner institutions. Bucerius’ faculty includes several practicing members of the legal profession, so students learn from both scholars and practitioners. The Bucerius curriculum boasts foreign language courses conducted in Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish; lectures in business administration; courses in national and international business law; and a diverse, obligatory general studies program. Bucerius Law School is located in a beautiful historic building—newly renovated and equipped with the most advanced technology.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the sixth largest in the European Union. The city’s architecture displays the Northern Hanseatic style—combining majestic old architecture and modern buildings. Theaters, museums, opera, concerts and nightlife options are abundant on Hamburg’s trendy waterfront.

For additional information on the program, you may go to Bucerius’ website. Their information sheet may also be helpful.


Bucerius Summer Programs in International Business Law and Transnational IP Law and Licensing

Students are strongly encouraged to explore the supplemental summer opportunities that Bucerius has made available in the summer prior to the exchange semester. More information is available in this password-protected page.



Fall semester only. Approximate program dates are listed as follows for your reference. For specific academic calendar, please visit the Bucerius website.

August Course pre-registration online
First week of September Orientation Program (mandatory)
Second week of September Session I Law and German classes begin
Mid-October Session I ends and Exam Week
Last week of October Study Trip to Berlin and Potsdam (optional)
November Session II begins
Mid-December Session II ends and Exam Week
Later December Farewell Ceremony


You will be expected to arrive in Hamburg no later than the last week of August. You will likely want to arrive considerably before then to secure your housing arrangements. All international students are required to remain in Hamburg through the middle of December due to the exam schedule.

The program is divided into two sessions, with a week-long, organized study trip for all exchange students between the sessions. 


Courses and Credit

NYU students are required to take the equivalent of 12 ABA credits (usually five courses each worth two credits). Most of the courses run in intensive three- or four-week sessions, though some run the entire fall semester. In order to ensure compliance with all ABA regulations, NYU School of Law requires that all courses be approved by our office before your schedule has been finalized.

NYU students will participate in Bucerius' annual International and Comparative Business Law Program. NYU School of Law students may select as many courses at they wish, but should note that they will receive no more than 12 credits on their NYU transcript for courses taken at Bucerius. Please note that the German Law Survey Course is required by Bucerius. For more information about courses offered, click here.

You can expect to select from a list similar to that above and also audit any of the school's German-taught courses, provided you are fluent in German (and with permission directly from Bucerius Law School). You can also take German and other language courses free of charge (not for credit) at Bucerius if you so desire, and additional German language courses for a modest fee at the Colón Language Center.

NYU Law exchange students will receive credit for courses taken at Bucerius. However, these courses will not count towards the student's GPA. They will only appear on NYU transcripts as credits earned through the exchange program, rather than as individual courses at Bucerius.

Tuition and Living Expenses

Because this is a revenue-neutral exchange program, participating NYU students will pay New York University the normal tuition for a 12 credit-loan semester at NYU.

Additional living costs, including transportation, food and personal expenses will come to about €5000 per semester. Eating out, entertainment and transportation are approximately the same as in New York, if not slightly more expensive. Below is an estimated chart of expenses that may be incurred during your time at Bucerius Law School. However, please note that students' requirements can vary significantly, depending on how much is spent on housing, travel and living expenses.

Estimated cost of living per semester:

  • Books and Course Materials: €200
  • German Course (optional): €150
  • Berlin trip (optional): €260
  • Health Insurance: €130
  • Liability Insurance: €50
  • German Residency Permit: €100
  • City Registration: €10

Housing Information

Bucerius does not offer student housing but assists all exchange students in securing suitable accommodation for their time in Hamburg. German Bucerius Law school students studying abroad during the fall term sublet their apartments to international students; therefore, there may be a limited number of such apartments open to visiting NYU School of Law students. To facilitate the process for both parties, Bucerius Law School will post available sublets on their website. Incoming students will be able to access the website with a Bucerius password after admission into the program (from June 1st onwards).

Passport and Visa Requirements

US citizens do not need to apply for the visa ahead of time, but must obtain a student visa (residency permit) once in Germany. Applications for a residency permit require the following documents:

  • Valid passport for the full duration of your stay (submit upon arrival)
  • Two application forms (to be filled out with Bucerius' assistance during the Orientation Program)
  • Two passport photos (which you should have already submitted with your Bucerius application)
  • Proof of financial support (proof that you are able to support yourself financially for the duration of the program)
  • Proof of health insurance for your full stay in Germany
  • A birth certificate for any accompanying children, if applicable (submit upon arrival)

Access for Persons with Disabilities

The Bucerius Law School facilities (excluding the library cupola) are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you are interested in the program and will need some special assistance due to a disability, please contact Office of Global Programs who will contact Bucerius to obtain information about the availability of needed services.