LRAP Plus Policies

Eligibility Period

Participants must be JD graduates of NYU Law School to be eligible for LRAP Plus benefits. Provided that all other Program conditions are met, participants may receive LRAP benefits for up to 10 years. The majority of applicants begin their LRAP participation period in January of the year following a May graduation. For those graduates who graduate at times other than in May, the beginning of the LRAP eligibility period will be determined by the Program Administrator as appropriate considering the applicable loan grace periods.

Eligible graduates may apply to LRAP Plus at any time following graduation as long as they meet all LRAP requirements, including but not limited to job, debt, and income qualifications. While there is no time limit to when graduates who are eligible for LRAP Plus may apply to the program, under no circumstances will the amount eligible for coverage under LRAP Plus ever exceed the amount outstanding at the end of the applicable loan grace periods (except in cases where participants may have used time available under LRAP’s deferment policy).

Additionally, while LRAP provides up to 24 months of deferment time under certain circumstances, no retroactive deferments are allowed.  A person must be an active participant in LRAP in order to be able to use deferment time.