LRAP Plus Policies

Eligible Employment

A three-fold set of criteria is utilized to determine the eligibility of an applicant’s employment. ALL of the following criteria must be met for a graduate to be considered eligible to receive benefits from the Program:

  • Participants must be full-time, paid employees (those who work 35 hours or more each week) in eligible positions, as defined below. Graduates in unpaid positions, such as internships or volunteer positions, are not eligible to receive benefits under the Program.
  • Eligible positions include those at (a) federal, state, and local governmental units (“governmental unit”), or (b) domestic section 501(c)(3) and other not-for-profit organizations, or (c) international non-governmental organizations under the direction of a governmental unit or a section 501 (c)(3).
  • Eligible positions must “involve law,” as determined by the Program Administrator. Such positions generally require the employee to use his or her legal training to a significant degree, are often held by members of the legal profession, and/or generally have a minimal educational requirement of a JD degree.

Applicants working in for-profit organizations may be eligible to participate in the Program, but require special review and approval by the Program Administrator to ascertain whether the position is intended to further the practice of law in the public interest. It is expected that at least 51 percent of the work being done by the organization and graduate will serve underrepresented populations.

Applicants who are self-employed require special review and approval by the Program Administrator. Please refer to the self-employment guidelines and supplemental self-employment application for additional information. Applicants should bear in mind that each self-employment situation is unique and requires individual assessment by the Program Administrator.