Business Law in the Public Interest

The Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement at NYU School of Law promotes more effective corporate and white-collar enforcement and corporate compliance programs through research and meaningful engagement between the public and private sectors. Founded by Faculty Director Jennifer Arlen '86, PCCE shapes optimal enforcement policy, guides companies and institutions in improving their compliance programs, and enhances education in the fields of enforcement and corporate compliance. Read our annual report.

Our Keynote Speakers

Since our inception in 2014, PCCE has hosted numerous conferences, both in the US and abroad, bringing together prominent lawyers and judges to discuss important issues facing firms and enforcement officials. PCCE also has served as a venue for enforcement officials to give important policy speeches, including:

  • US Attorney General
  • Deputy Attorneys General
  • Assistant Attorneys General
  • Chairs of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Chair of the Commodities Future Trading Commission
  • Directors of Enforcement, SEC and CFTC
  • Directors of the UK's Serious Fraud Office
  • Former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Acting Director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • Superintendents of the NY State Dept. of Financial Services

Recent Events

Watch: Our Fireside Chat with SEC Chair Gary Gensler

Scholarship Spotlight

Corporate Crime and Financial Misleading book cover

Research Handbook on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing (edited by Jennifer Arlen) brings together 13 original chapters by leading scholars that examine how to deter corporate misconduct through public enforcement and private interventions. 

Scholars from a variety of disciplines present both theoretical and empirical analyses of organizational and individual liability for corporate crime, liability for foreign corruption, securities fraud enforcement, compliance, corporate investigations, and whistleblowing.

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