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The NYU Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement (PCCE) is a law and research program dedicated to developing a richer and deeper understanding of the causes of corporate misconduct and the nature of effective enforcement and compliance.

PCCE is directed by faculty director Jennifer Arlen '86Through practical discourse and legal scholarship, PCCE seeks to help shape optimal enforcement policy, guide firms in developing more effective and robust compliance programs, and enhance education in the field of corporate compliance and enforcement. Each year, several students are accepted into the program, enabling them to gain unparalleled expertise in this area, both through courses and through access to leading practitioners. No other leading law school offers the same depth and breadth of courses by full-time faculty in this area.

From the PCCE Blog, Compliance & Enforcement

By Kevin Davis and Florencia Marotta-Wurgler To what extent do firms collecting information from U.S. based consumers take advantage of the contractual flexibility afforded by the local regime or,… more

by Greg D. Andres, Martine M. Beamon, Angela T. Burgess, Tatiana R. Martins, Robert A. Cohen, Neil H. MacBride, Paul J. Nathanson, Linda Chatman Thomsen, Kenneth L. Wainstein, and Patrick S. Sinclair… more

by Jordan A. Thomas Nearly ten years ago, following a global financial collapse spurred by serial wrongdoing, Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Within… more

by Mark S. Bergman, Roberto Finzi, Christopher D. Frey, Manuel S. Frey, David S. Huntington, Jeannie S. Rhee, Raphael M. Russo, Jonathan H. Ashtor, Steven C. Herzog, Daniel J. Klein, and Apeksha S.… more

by Anat Carmy-Wiechman, Giovanni Patti, and Peter Robau As the second fiscal year of Chairman Jay Clayton’s tenure at the SEC ends, a look at the Commission’s enforcement actions against public… more

by Martin Lipton and William Savitt Since the 1996 Caremark (PDF: 1.16 MB) decision, authored by the revered late Chancellor William Allen of the Delaware Court of Chancery, we have called the… more

by Stephen M. Cutler, Michael J. Osnato, Jr., and Kelsey E. Vickery On November 4, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission brought an enforcement action that has possible implications for the… more

by Robin M. Bergen, Matthew C. Solomon, Alex Janghorbani, Jenny Paul and Samuel H. Chang On November 6, 2019, the SEC’s Division of Enforcement released its annual report (the “Report”) describing… more

by Jordan A. Thomas Following the stock market crash of 1929, Congress effectively awarded a professional monopoly to CPAs in return for their promise to protect the public by acting as independent… more

by Craig A. Benson, Joseph J. Bial, Andrew C. Finch, Andrew J. Forman, Kenneth A. Gallo, Jonathan S. Kanter, Mark F. Mendelsohn, William B. Michael, Jane B. O’Brien, Jeannie S. Rhee, Jacqueline P.… more