Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement


The Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement is a law and research program dedicated to developing a richer and deeper understanding of the causes of corporate misconduct and the nature of effective enforcement and compliance. Through practical discourse and legal scholarship, PCCE seeks to help shape optimal enforcement policy, guide firms in developing more effective and robust compliance programs, and enhance education in the field of corporate compliance and enforcement.

As part of NYU School of Law, the PCCE is uniquely poised to gather academic and legal experts in the fields of corporate law, enforcement and compliance to study, discuss and address the most challenging legal issues in an ever-changing global environment. The Program hosts annual conferences, round table discussions, and other events throughout the year.

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The Objectives of the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement are:

Educational Mission

Establish an interdisciplinary academic field of study on corporate crime and compliance to examine:

  • the causes of corporate crime and other misconduct;
  • the factors that motivate human behavior within an organization and shape corporate culture; and
  • effective methods of identifying and deterring corporate misconduct.

Develop and implement an innovative and rigorous curriculum within this academic field at NYU School of Law and internationally for advanced legal study.

Policy Mission

Collaborative Dialogue
Provide a neutral forum that enables experts with practical experience in the fields of corporate law, enforcement and compliance to come together, candidly discuss topics and confront the most challenging compliance and enforcement issues from diverse perspectives.

Analysis of Enforcement Policy and Reforms
Facilitate debate over enforcement policy through legal scholarship, open discussion of reform proposals, and contributions to the public discourse that focus on deterring corporate misconduct and enhancing compliance.

Support PCCE directors and faculty experts in developing strategies to deter corporate misconduct, enhance compliance efforts and shape enforcement policy.

Internal Corporate Compliance
Foster dialogue within companies to:

  • identify the most important attributes of effective compliance;

  • determine what causes employees to deviate from internal rules; and

  • elevate their programs beyond a set of procedural rules to devise and implement sustainable and effective corporate compliance programs.

Business Innovation

Promote effective enforcement policy and enhance compliance without impacting business innovation and creativity.