Academic Policies Guide

Academic Regulations, Course Requirements and Graduation Requirements: JD Division

General Requirements

  • Credit requirements 
  • Class Attendance and Residence Requirements 
  • Time Allowed for Completing Degree Requirements 
  • Leave of Absence/Requirement of Continuous Registration 

Program Requirements 

  • Full-time Status 
  • Required Courses 
  • Overall Caps (Including Adjunct Credit Cap) 
  • Regularly Scheduled Class Sessions (at the Law School) 
  • Non-Classroom Credit Caps 

Academic Progress 

  • Required grades for graduation
  • Grades of F-Failure, Re-Registration and Substitution
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Dismissal for Academic Reasons
  • Certification for the Bar Examination 

Non-classroom Credits

  • Directed Research
  • Fellowships 
  • Journals and Moot Court Board 
  • Research Assistantships
  • Teaching Assistantships 

Cross-Registration and Dual Degree Programs

  • Columbia Law School/NYU School of Law Exchange 
  • Dual Degree Programs 
  • Language Courses in the College of Arts & Science
  • Other Divisions at the University 
  • Stern School of Business Preferential Courses 


  • No credit is given for internships. 

Study Abroad Programs

Applying for Graduation