Academic Policies Guide

Student Organizations

A. Individual Identification 

NYU School of Law may not require membership lists of any student organization. It may require, as a condition of access to Law School funds or facilities, the names and addresses of officers or sponsors of such organizations. 

B. Use of Law School or University Name 

In all cases wherein students wish to form an organization of law students of the Law School for specific activities of a professional, political or social nature, the name of the University or School may be used in connection therewith as follows: 

  1. The name of the University or Law School may be used by the Student Bar Association (the official professional organization of the student body), and such activities as the Annual Survey of American Law, Moot Court, the Law Review, and the like, which are officially recognized by the Law School. 
  2. If the proposed organization is to be a member or branch of an organization which has or is to have other parts or branches connected with other universities or law schools, it may be designated as the branch located at this University or Law School. 
  3. If it is or is to be a singular organization without other affiliation, the members may identify themselves as students of this University or Law School. 
  4. In no case shall the name of the University or Law School be so prominently displayed on any letterhead or in any other use as to import the notion that the organization is an official organ of the University or Law School or that the University or Law School subscribes to the aims, objectives, opinions, expressions or activities of such organizations. Such use shall be exclusively for purposes of identification. 

Any student or group of students desiring to organize a group as described above shall promptly notify the Student Bar Association and the Office of the Dean. 

C. Use of Facilities 

The facilities of the Law School have been established by funds privately obtained and are not for general public use. Accordingly, and also because of the competition for use of the facilities and cost of their maintenance, the following guidelines should be followed: 

  1. The use of Law School facilities by students of the Law School shall be allowed and assigned in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Administration. 
  2. Charges for the use of Law School facilities to cover special expenses of cleaning, personnel, maintenance, overhead, and wear and tear may be made by the Dean as deemed appropriate. 

D. Allocation of Funds 

  1. Any organization formed by students of the NYU School of Law shall have the right to apply to the Board of Governors of the Student Bar Association for funding. Approval of such requests for funds may be conditioned upon submission of budgets to the Student Bar Association and other reasonable conditions. 
  2. When funds are allocated to a student organization, financial accountability may be required, including statement of income and expenses on a regular basis. Apart from the responsibilities to account for expenditures in relation to the approved budget, student organizations should have independent control over the expenditure of funds allocated. 

E. General 

Nothing contained in these guidelines shall be taken to limit or restrict in any way the right and privilege of any student or students to belong to any organization and to identify themself as a student at this University or Law School.