Academic Policies Guide

Applying for Graduation


Degrees from New York University School of Law are awarded in May, September, and January. In order for students to be eligible for the JD, LLM, or JSD degree and sit for the appropriate bar examination, they must have completed all graduation requirements and timely submitted all required forms. Part-time students must place his or her name on the degree list by applying for graduation using Albert.  (Note: The Office of Records and Registration will enter the graduation applications in Albert for full-time JD and LLM students.) Instructions can be found on the University Registrar’s website. Please ensure that your address and phone number are current. This application ensures that you are on the degree list and that you receive all mailings relevant to graduation. Students who do not apply for graduation (part-time students) will not have their name printed in the Convocation Program and will not be processed for degree clearance.

Fall 2020 Candidates (Jan. 2021) Apply between July 6 and October 18, 2020
Spring 2021 Candidates (May 2021) Apply between November 2, 2020 and February 14, 2021
Summer 2021 Candidates (Sept. 2021) The application dates are not yet published; please check the University Registrar's Graduation Deadline webpage:

Course Requirements for Graduation and Bar Certification

It is the student’s responsibility to meet all program and graduation requirements. Completion of requirements includes having a grade recorded for every course for which the student has registered. All students must complete incomplete work from prior semesters no later that May 1 of their final semester. Students graduating in other semesters should contact the appropriate program office for the deadline. Students must complete all work from their final semester by the last day of the exam period for that semester. Students who have not met all graduation requirements, including satisfying all financial obligations, WILL NOT be certified for the Bar examination.

Financial Arrears at Time of Graduation

A student who, at the time of graduation, is financially obligated to the Bursar for tuition, housing (including summer housing after the final semester), any NYU library or other departments will have a ‘STOP’ placed on their account and will not be certified for state bar examinations, have official transcripts issued, or have a diploma issued until all arrears have been paid. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all accounts are cleared prior to June 10 since the deadline for some state Bars is July 1 and time is needed to process paperwork.

New York State Health Law Compliant at Time of Graduation

A student who, at the time of graduation, is not in compliance with New York State Health Law requirements for immunization against Measles, Mumps and Rubella and/or the requirement for either agreeing to waive the Meningitis vaccination or provide proof of same, will not be certified (and transcript and diploma will not be printed).

Undergraduate Transcript and College Questionnaire

A student, who, at the time of graduation, has not provided both the final undergraduate transcript and the completed college questionnaire, will not be certified for the bar and transcript and diploma will not be printed.


If you would like your name to appear differently on your diploma than it does on Albert, you must make changes through the Office of Records and Registration. The diploma cannot be re-issued if you would like your name to appear differently after it has been printed. Also review your permanent address on Albert; this is the address to which your diploma will be mailed approximately two months after graduation. A recipient of a May degree can expect to receive this diploma by mail in September.