Exam Guide

Exam Rules and Protocols

Please Note: This page was updated on July 21, 2022.


Summer 2022Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 exam schedules are now available.

You are strongly encouraged to complete a 10-minute Practice Exam prior to your first exam.

Summer 2022 All-Remote Exams: Polices and Procedures

Take-Home exams are not affected by the switch to all-remote exams.

Exams originally scheduled as in-class exams will be administered in Computer-Proctored Remote Mode. 

  • You may choose to take such exams in the assigned classrooms or remotely, and you will be proctored by the Exam4 software, which will require you to verify your identity and will capture images of you and your desktop at intervals throughout the exam. Your laptop camera must remain on and uncovered for the duration of the exam.
  • Should you choose to examine in the classroom, you must do so under whatever University mask rules are in place at that time (e.g., no masked v. unmasked rooms).
  • Should you choose to take a computer-proctored exam remotely, there will be no scheduling adjustments based on time zone difference unless (1) the difference is at least 7 hours or (2) you are enrolled in the part-time Tax LLM program.

How Computer-Proctored Remote and Take-Home Exams Differ

All exams are now taken on Exam4, and all can be taken remotely in Summer 2022.

  • Computer-Proctored Remote exams can be taken almost anywhere, as long as you have Wi-Fi and a working laptop camera. You will access your test from within Exam4.  Exam questions cannot be printed, and this mode does not permit cutting and pasting text into Exam4.
  • Take-Home exams can be taken almost anywhere, as long as you have Wi-Fi. Exam questions will be available to be downloaded and printed from a separate website, but you will take your exam on Exam4. The exams will not be remotely proctored. You are allowed to cut and paste text into Exam4.

Access to Materials during Exams

Your professor sets the rules regarding access to materials during your exam, and you must follow the exam cover sheet instructions on access to materials carefully. Remember that for Computer-Proctored Remote exams, Exam4 won’t prevent you from accessing the internet or your hard drive during your exam even if exam rules prohibit you from doing so. Exam4 software will, however, proctor you throughout your exam, monitoring your access to ensure you comply with faculty instructions about permitted materials. 

Exam Rules of Conduct

All students sitting for exams are responsible for reading and complying with the exam policies section of NYU Law’s Academic Policies Guide. To get you started, we would like to highlight some important exam policies for you below, but there is no substitute for reading the exam policies section in its entirety. Please note that, as of this year, THES has been retired and all exams will be administered using Exam4 and that we have shifted to all-remote exams for the Summer 2022 exam period. 


Each student will be assigned an examination number for each semester. This number must be noted by the student on each examination.  Under no circumstances should a student include his/her name or student ID number on the examination or answer. An exam answer will be rejected if it identifies a student other than by examination number.

In order to maintain anonymity, students should not discuss personal exam requests with faculty.  Instead, submit a ticket to the Exam Team.  

Un-Excused Absences and Lateness

An un-excused absence from an examination may result in a failing grade. If you have an inquiry concerning an absence, please submit a ticket to the Exam Team. 

A student who begins an exam up to 15 minutes late that is less than three hours or up to 30 minutes late for an exam that is three hours or more, may take the examination as scheduled but will not receive any additional time to complete the exam. A student who begins a remote examination later than the times identified above, or who fails to appear for it, may be permitted to take the examination at the discretion of the Vice Dean or his or her designee at such time and under such conditions or penalties as the school administration determines.


A student who is ill and feels that they will not be able to complete the examination should not begin the examination and should immediately report such illness to the Exam Team by submitting a ticket, which will be fielded by the Office of Student Affairs.

A student who becomes ill during the examination should immediately report such illness by submitting a ticket and waiting for further instructions. (The student may have to wait until the next time the examination for that course is offered to take the examination).

Exam Postponements

The guidelines for postponement of examinations due to exam scheduling conflicts or personal issues may be found in the Postponing Examinations section of the Academic Policies Guide.  Instructions for how to request a postponement can be found here.  Please note that the deadline to submit a request for an exam postponement was April 4, and late requests are processed on a rolling basis. 

Permitted and Prohibited Materials

Students are permitted to have in their possession only materials authorized by the instructor in written exam instructions. Possession of any other materials relating to the course is not permitted. The mere possession of impermissible materials may result in a failing grade for cheating and additional sanctions regardless of whether a student has referred to the materials during the exam. Materials may not be shared during the examination.

In Exam4 Take-Home mode, for both fixed-scheduled and full-period take-home exams, students will be permitted to print out the exam questions for themselves.  

In Exam4 Computer-Proctored Remote mode, students are proctored by Exam4 software. Exam4 proctoring will require you to verify your identity and will capture images of you and your desktop throughout the exam. Importantly, in this mode, Exam4 won’t prevent you from accessing the internet or your hard drive during your exam even if exam rules prohibit you from doing so. Exam4 software will, however, proctor you throughout your exam, monitoring your access to ensure you comply with faculty instructions about permitted materials. In Computer-Proctored Remote mode, Exam4 security settings do not allow you to print exam questions or to cut-and-paste outside text into the software answer template.  

Computer-Proctored Remote exams should be taken either in an assigned classroom or, if remotely, alone with no one else in the room.  If there are additional people in the room when you examine, the Exam4 proctoring captures will be reviewed even more closely. 

The use of secondary or external monitors during exams is prohibited. Exam4 software does not support the use of a secondary or external monitor and the use of one can cause technical issues during your exam. 

Unless faculty have affirmatively indicated otherwise, students are permitted to use foreign language dictionaries and calculators for examinations.

No alcoholic beverages (opened or unopened) are allowed during the exam.

No recording devices are allowed during the exam. Cell phones must be turned off during exams. The use of headphones, earphones or other devices (other than basic earplugs) is prohibited.

Computer-Proctored Remote Exams in Shared Classrooms

If you choose to take your computer-proctored remote exams in campus classrooms, please note the following:

Students must comply with all COVID-19 health and safety policies while on campus, including any current masking requirements. 

Students may use the bathroom at your discretion, but the exam clock is still running.  (Those who have a Moses Center accommodation may use that break time at their discretion.)

Please check the exam clock; the exam begins promptly at the designated time.  Once exam questions are opened, there will be no more talking in the room.  When exam time is up, students must stop typing immediately, exit and submit the exam. 

Students experiencing a computer malfunction during the exam or who need technological assistance for any other reason should quietly head to the hallway with their laptop to find a proctor.  

Timing Rules for Take-Home Exams

Students must complete the exam within the number of hours designated for that exam. In all cases, once a student downloads the exam from Exam4, the clock starts ticking and the student must use consecutive hours to complete the exam. Regardless of when a student starts the exam, the student: (1) may not exceed the number of hours designated by the faculty member for the exam and (2) may not continue the exam beyond the specified window.

Full-Period take-home examinations will be available to students in Exam4 no later than the first day of the examination period, in which case the latest date and time for submitting answers to the examination will be 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the examination period. Fixed-scheduled take-home examinations must be taken on the scheduled day for each exam. A fixed-scheduled exam will not last longer than 8 hours.  There is no window for fixed-scheduled take-home exams; the exact times noted apply. 

Typographical Errors

If you discover a typographical error on your exam questions, you should make an assumption, state the assumption in your answer, and continue working.  

Server Issues and Other Tech Support Needs

In the event of a server problem, the time allotted for completion of the exam will run from the time at which the exam is successfully downloaded or ten minutes after ITS confirms that the problem is resolved, whichever is earlier. Students who experience technical problems and are unable to download their exam questions should submit a ticket to the Exam Team detailing the time and specifics of the problem or visit the Virtual Exam Room for assistance. Students should not distribute copies of the exam questions to classmates, even in the event of a server problem.  

If you do not have internet access, join the Virtual Exam Room by phone by calling 646-558-8656 (Meeting ID: 922 1092 2521; Passcode: 7720223467).  

Students examining in a classroom experiencing such an issue during the exam should quietly head to the hallway with their laptop to find a proctor.  

Consequences of Improper Conduct

Improper conduct in connection with an examination may result in a failing grade for cheating and other sanctions. Students must work independently on examinations, and any answers to an examination submitted by a student must be that student’s own work, unless the instructor expressly authorizes a cooperative effort.  Communicating with another student during an exam may result in a failing grade for cheating and other sanctions regardless of whether the communication is about the exam. Misconduct will be reported to the faculty member involved, to the Vice Dean, or both.

Reviewing Exams

Individual faculty members will keep exam answers on file for 12 months. The extent, if any, to which an individual faculty member will permit review of these materials or discuss an examination with a student lies within the reasonable discretion of the faculty member and is subject to review by the Vice Dean.