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Exam4 Essentials

Please Note: This page was updated on February 28, 2024.


Results for all timely submitted exam postponement/accommodation requests have been posted in ExamReporter.

The Spring 2024 April/May exam schedule is now available.

Required: Take a Practice Exam

Each semester, examining students are required to complete a Practice Exam that serves as a pretest verification to ensure that their equipment is compatible with Exam4 hardware and operating system requirements. Failure to complete the Practice Exam will result in the following consequences:

  • Low priority for technical support during an exam with no time-recovery for computer malfunctions.
  • No external devices permitted during exams (with the exception of a keyboard, mouse, and single monitor on a desktop computer used during an unproctored exam).

Not sure how to find your exam information? Find your exam information for Exam4

Take a Practice Exam

If You Need Help

The fastest way to get help with exam-related issues is to open a ticket with our Exam Team. Your question will be sent to the right person. You can also visit our Exam Events page to find out about online and in-person help sessions.

Open a Ticket 

6 Things to Know about Exam4

1. How to Toggle between Screen Views

There are two ways to view exam question and answer screens: side-by-side or by toggling between them.

  • To see both screens at once, click "Side-by-Side." 
  • To toggle between them, select "Ctrl D" in Windows or "Command D" in macOS.

2. How to Use Answer Separators and the Word Count Function

If your answers have word limits, you might want to add Answer Separators so you can see the word count for each one.

  • Click "Insert Answer Separator" between each one.
  • To view the word count for each question, click on "Show/Hide Document Statistics." (Don't use the Estimated Page Counter; it is less accurate.)

3. How to Navigate Multiple Choice Questions

To open these questions, select "Multiple Choice" from the top toolbar. (NOTE: Do NOT reenter the Document ID in the field at the top of the box.)

  • Use the up/down arrows to navigate questions or click on the question in the list.
  • To change your answer, click “Unlock” and to remove it, click “Clear.” 
  • To close the Multiple Choice answer box, press “Hide." 

4. You Can Only Copy and Paste Text on Unproctored Exams

The Exam4 software will not allow you to cut and paste text into the answer field for any Exam Mode other than Unproctored exams. 

Your exam's cover sheet establishes if copy and paste are permissible; the Exam4 software displays what is technically accessible, but the rules of your exam may be more restrictive.

5. How to Edit Answers in Exam4

In the dropdown Tool menu, Exam4 has the usual Word-style editing features, including Spell Check. A few things to note, though:

  • The “Delete” key (in Windows) does not function on a character-by-character basis, but does work to delete highlighted text. 
  • If you delete more than 100 characters of text, a warning box pops up to confirm that's your intent.
  • It does not allow footnotes, however. 

6. Your Work is Saved Automatically

Exam4 automatically saves your essay and multiple choice answers every 10 seconds and backs them up every two minutes.

What if...

My camera freezes when trying to take a computer-proctored exam?
Unfortunately, some computers are having this problem, but we have a workaround: Close the lid to your laptop and open again then see if the camera issue resolves. If not, or if you are using a desktop that has this issue, please head to the Virtual or In-Person Exam Support Room 20 minutes before each of your exams to have your photo taken with your picture ID, then you can get past the camera screen by taking frozen photos and continue into the essay answer screen of Exam4!

I have firewall issues?
If your laptop is owned by your firm, please contact your firm’s IT department and ask for a firewall exception for Exam4. See Exam4 for more details. If it’s your personal laptop, then visit us in the Virtual or In-Person Exam Support Room to get help.

I have display issues?
Follow the instructions in this document for changing your screen resolution. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, visit us in the Virtual or In-Person Exam Support Room to get help.

I have the newest version of Exam4, but when I try to take an exam it says Exam4 is expired?
Check your language settings to be sure that they are set to Region: United States and Calendar: Gregorian. If you need more help to resolve the issue, visit us in the Virtual or In-Person Exam Support Room.

I’m receiving a message that I must authenticate to disable the network?
Try restarting your computer, and if that doesn’t work, follow these instructions. If you need more help to resolve the issue, visit us in the Virtual or In-Person Exam Support Room.

The Security Check found a file that is a security risk?
If you are in your exam and the Security Check has found a problem, you must fix it immediately, or you can not take the exam on your laptop. You will not get extra time for your exam. If you have any problems, please contact the NYU Law Exam Team

My computer crashes during an exam?
If you're taking an exam on campus, for human-proctored exams please raise your hand to have a proctor assist you. For on campus computer-proctored exams please collect your belongings, leave the classroom, and locate a proctor in the hallway. Your proctor will guide you from there! Do not restart your computer until you have seen a proctor. Remember, Exam4 saves your work, so you will be able to return to your exam right where you left off. 

If you're taking an exam off campus, you are allowed to go directly to the Virtual Exam Support Room. If you are unable to access the Support Room, please open a ticket and include the best way to reach you. Note that if the Exam Team needs to call you about the issue, you may use your phone to speak with them. Tickets are seen by the entire Exam Team, so rest assured we'll be ready to help!

I accidentally end my computer-proctored exam?
If you accidentally submitted your exam, you must petition law.exams@nyu.edu with your reason for submission and need to resubmit. You are not permitted to contact your professor directly to discuss your exam, as all exams are submitted anonymously to your professor.

My completed exam didn’t upload?
Restart your computer and reconnect to wifi. Open Exam4, choose the “ Select an Existing Exam” option, select your Exam, and click the “Submit Electronically” button. If you still cannot upload your exam, please contact the NYU Law Exam Team.