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Please Note: This page was updated on May 9, 2022.


Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 exam schedules are now available.

You are strongly encouraged to complete a 10-minute Practice Exam prior to your first exam.

You are strongly encouraged to complete a 10-minute Practice Exam. It is your responsibility to be proficient in Exam4 before your first exam.

How to Sign Into a Practice Exam on Exam4

Getting Started

  • Close all open files and programs.
  • Open Exam4 by double-clicking on the red "e" icon on your desktop or in your dock.
  • Click "Ok" when it suggests you take a practice exam.

Screen 1: Start or Save

  • Select "Prepare to start new exam."
  • Click "Next."

Screen 2: Exam ID; Course or exam title

  • Enter your personal four-digit Exam ID in both Exam ID fields. (See the "For Reference: Using Exam Reporter" box on this page.) 
  • Enter your NYU NetID .
  • To select your course, use the dropdown menus to choose "Practice Exam." 
  • Click "Next."
  • Check the box in the bottom right corner of the screen to re-confirm your information is correct and then click "OK."

Screen 3: Exam time, font and contrast

  • (Optional) You can set a countdown timer and/or an alert. Please know that the timer only begins once you start your exam and it will not shut down your exam. You can also choose a preferred font size and contrast. However, exams print according to a format beyond your control. 
  • Click "Next."

Screen 4: Notice of Instructions

  • Acknowledge the honor code, security check, and crash recovery process by clicking "Got it" at the bottom right corner of screen. (Note: The Exam4 honor code is superseded by the Law School’s pledge of academic honesty.)
  • Click "Next."

Screen 5: Exam Mode

  • Check box on right to confirm that the practice exam is Open Laptop and Network.
  • Click "Next."

Screen 6: Almost ready to begin exam...

  • Confirm that the info you entered is correct.
  • Click "Begin Exam." 

Uploading ID for photographic monitoring

  • The built-in remote proctoring system will now open and tell you that our exams require photographic monitoring. Click "OK." Using a laptop camera, take these required photos:
    • Add your picture ID in the rectangle on the screen and click "Take Photo."
    • Click "Clear View of Your Face," and then take a photo of your face (lowering your mask briefly if necessary).
    • Select "UsePhotos." (Your ID and portrait need to be fully visible in the allotted spaces. If they are not, click “Clear” and take the picture again.)

The Exam Answer Window

  • You are now in the exam answer window. Click the "Exam Info" dropdown and select "Exam Document."
  • A new window will appear. In the Document ID field, type in "PracticeExamFinal" and click "Fetch."
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with Exam4, and when you're ready, click "End Exam," "Yes, I'm sure," and "Submit Electronically."

Congratulations! You've just completed your Practice Exam.

For Reference: Your Info in Exam Reporter

ExamReporter to Exam4 key

For all exams, you'll need to go to ExamReporter to get some essential information.

  1. Your personal Exam ID (This four-digit identifier changes every exam period to keep exams anonymous.) 
  2. Exam Document ID (This gives you access to the right exam questions.)
    • For take-home: Visit the Exam4 site and click on the Practice Exam Final questions on the right side of the screen. Enter your 4-digit Exam ID from ExamReporter into the Examinee ID field to access the questions.
    • For computer-proctored remote exams: Use the Document ID by going to Exam Info > Exam Document and type the Document ID exactly as it appears in ExamReporter into the Document ID field and click Fetch. (Do not use the Document ID in the multiple choice template, it will not provide you the exam questions.)
  3. The course's Exam4 ID (This is an abbreviated version of the course name which you'll need to select in Exam4.)
  4. Exam Start and End time (You are responsible for ending your exam on time.)

6 Things to Know about Exam4

1. How to Toggle between Screen Views

There are two ways to view exam question and answer screens: side-by-side or by toggling between them.

  • To see both screens at once, click "Side-by-Side." 
  • To toggle between them, select "Ctrl D" in Windows or "Command D" in macOS.

2. How to Use Answer Separators and the Word Count Function

If your answers have word limits, you might want to add Answer Separators so you can see the word count for each one.

  • Click "Insert Answer Separator" between each one.
  • To view the word count for each question, click on "Show/Hide Document Statistics." (Don't use the Estimated Page Counter; it is less accurate.)

3. How to Navigate Multiple Choice Questions

To open these questions, select "Multiple Choice" from the top toolbar. (NOTE: Do NOT reenter the Document ID in the field at the top of the box.)

  • Use the up/down arrows to navigate questions or click on the question in the list.
  • To change your answer, click “Unlock” and to remove it, click “Clear.” 
  • To close the Multiple Choice answer box, press “Hide." 

4. You Can Only Cut and Paste Text on Take-Home Exams

The Exam4 software will not allow you to cut and paste text into the answer field for any Exam Mode other than Take-Home exams. 

5. How to Edit Answers in Exam4

In the dropdown Tool menu, Exam4 has the usual Word-style editing features, including Spell Check. A few things to note, though:

  • The “Delete” key (in Windows) does not function on a character-by-character basis, but does work to delete highlighted text. 
  • If you delete more than 100 characters of text, a warning box pops up to confirm that's your intent.
  • It does not allow footnotes, however. 

6. Your Work is Saved Automatically

Exam4 automatically saves your essay and multiple choice answers every 10 seconds and backs them up every two minutes.

If You Need Help

The fastest way to get help with exam-related issues is to open a ticket with our Exam Team. Your question will be sent to the right person. (In late April, the Virtual Exam Room will also be open to help you.)

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