Colloquium on Law, Economics, and Politics

Professors John Ferejohn and Lewis Kornhauser
Fall 2022
LW.10582.001 2 Credits 
VH 208
Tuesday, 4:25 - 6:25 p.m.

The course will investigate a wide variety of topics ranging from the foundations of rational choice theory (an inquiry important to the evaluation of the use of the theory in understanding law) to applications to questions of immediate interest. Economists and political scientists have used the theory to investigate a number of topics of central interest to the law such as (a) how the organization of Congress affects the nature and content of legislation enacted; (b) the relation between courts and Congress; (c) Congressional and judicial control of administrative agencies; (d) federalism; and (e) the structure of adjudication.

Fall 2022 Schedule of Presenters

September 6
Taisu Zhang, Yale University, School of Law  
An excerpt from: "The Cultural and Legal Origins of Economic Divergence: China and the World, 1700-1984.

September 20
Leander Heldring, Northwestern University, Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences (MEDS)
"The Economic Effect of the English Parliamentary Enclosures."  

October 7 (Friday) * Friday due to holiday : VH208 4:35-6:35pm
Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago, School of Law
Constitutional Monarchy as Equilibrium" 

October 18
Emma Kaufman, New York University, School of Law
"The Adjudicative State." (with Adam Cox, NYU School of Law)

November 1  
Andrew Caplin, New York University, Economics
"Modeling Machine Learning" (with Daniel Martin, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and Philip Marx, Louisiana State University)

November 15
Jennifer Lawless, University of Virginia, Politics
It Takes More Than a Candidate:  Gender, Political Ambition, and Representation.”

November 29
Maggie Blackhawk, New York University, School of Law
"Legislative Constitutionalism & Federal Indian Law."

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