Colloquium on Law, Economics, and Politics

Professors John Ferejohn and Lewis Kornhauser

Fall 2018
Tuesday, 4:00-5:50 p.m.
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 208

2 Credits

The course will investigate a wide variety of topics ranging from the foundations of rational choice theory (an inquiry important to the evaluation of the use of the theory in understanding law) to applications to questions of immediate interest. Economists and political scientists have used the theory to investigate a number of topics of central interest to the law such as (a) how the organization of Congress affects the nature and content of legislation enacted; (b) the relation between courts and Congress; (c) Congressional and judicial control of administrative agencies; (d) federalism; and (e) the structure of adjudication.

Fall 2018 Schedule of Presenters

September 4

Giri Parameswaran (Haverford College, Department of Economics)
"Redistribution under Super-majority Rule."  (with Hunter Rendleman, Harvard University)

September 25

 Julia Payson  (New York University, Department of Politics)  
"Cities, Lobbyists, and Representation in Multilevel Government

October 2

Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci  (University of Amsterdam) 
"Mutual Persuasion" (with Davide Grossi, University of Groningen)

October 16

Hye Young You (New York University, Department of Politics)
"Campaign Styles:  Persistency in Campaign Resource Allocation"

October 30

Andrei Gomberg and Joyce Sadka  (ITAM, Center for Economic Research,  Mexico with Andrew Caplin NYU, Department of Economics)
"Judicial Consistency: Legal Evidence"

November 13

Diana Mutz (University of  Pennsylvania,  Department of Political Science)
"How Much Is One American Worth?"

November 27

Andrew B. Hall  (Stanford University,  Department of Political Science) 
"How Do Electoral Incentives Affect Legislator Behavior?" (with Alexander Fouirnaies, University of Chicago)


Colloquium questions: Máire Kimble at or (212) 998-6179