Furman Academic Program

How to Apply

Furman Scholars

Furman Scholars are selected at three separate points during their law school careers.

During Law School Admissions

Prospective students interested in becoming Furman Scholars can apply to the program as a part of their application to the NYU School of Law. 

In addition to the standard materials for applying to NYU Law, prospective Furman Scholars should submit a brief statement (approximately 500 words) describing why they wish to pursue a career in legal academia and the legal scholarship they hope to pursue.

Furman Scholars are selected based on candidates’ academic records and letters of recommendation.  

Deadline: January 15th, 2021.

After all applications are received and read, a small number of candidates will be selected as finalists. All finalists are invited to visit NYU Law to interview (typically, during the spring). 

After 1L Year

All rising 2Ls at NYU Law are invited to apply during the summer before the 2L year to become Furman Scholars. Candidates must have a proposal for a student Note. Selections are made on the basis of Note proposals, law school academic records, and faculty recommendations. 

For more information regarding applying to the program following the 1L year, as well as assistance in producing a note proposal for an application, please view the following resources:

During 2L Year

Occasionally, a small number of 2Ls are invited to apply to the program after the first semester of their 2L year. All candidates must have drafts of their student Notes completed. Selections are made on the basis of Note drafts, academic records, and faculty recommendations. 


Furman Fellows


Only graduates of NYU School of Law are allowed to apply for this fellowship.

Application deadline:

Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year open on September 1st, 2020 and will be considered on a rolling basis after this date.

Application materials should include: 

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Law school transcript
  • Copies of any publications
  • Proposal describing the scholarly project the candidate intends to pursue, which may (but need not) be a rough manuscript
  • Indicate which NYU Law faculty members are most familiar with candidate's abilities and work

Applications and inquiries should be sent in electronic format to the attention of:

Alex Lu
Administrator, Furman Academic Program
New York University School of Law
245 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012