Furman Academic Program

The Furman Academic Program is designed to train future law professors. Participants in the program—including both student Furman Scholars and post-graduate Furman Fellows—receive the resources and mentorship necessary to prepare them for successful careers as legal academics. Scholars essentially have a graduate school experience within the broader law school community, and become part of a professional network of Furman alumni. Furman alumni have joined the faculty of more than a dozen of the nation’s top law schools; others have gone on to prestigious positions in government as well as at NGOs and law firms. Most Furmans have one or more top clerkships. See the Program's placement record.

The signature aspect of the Furman Program is its attention to mentoring. Each Furman has a faculty mentor at the time they enter, and then we seek to ensure that at least two other faculty members join that team by graduation. When Furmans go on the law-teaching market, they have a great deal of preparation and support behind them.

Furman Scholars are JD students who show exceptional promise as future legal academics. Furman Scholars are guided through all aspects of the beginnings of their academic careers—from shaping a research agenda, to writing cutting-edge scholarship, to navigating the job market. The centerpiece of this program is the weekly Furman Seminar, in which Scholars present works-in-progress, and receive feedback from faculty and their peers. Furman Scholars also are given extraordinary access to the intellectual life of the law school, including faculty colloquia, workshops, and conferences. Furman Scholars admitted before they begin their 1L year receive full tuition and summer research funding.

Furman Fellows are NYU Law graduates actively pursuing an academic career. Furman Fellows spend up to two years in residence at NYU Law, which affords them the time, financial resources, and academic support necessary to produce a work of serious scholarship in preparation for entering the law teaching market. When Furman Fellows are on the market, the Law School and its Faculty actively assist them in securing tenure-track teaching positions.

Interested applicants are invited to review the Program’s application information.