Resources & Publications

The Grunin Center produces legal research and publications and develops tools to help lawyers, entrepreneurs and investors navigate the evolving legal and regulatory landscape for social entrepreneurship and impact investing in the US and beyond. These resources include:

  • Social Enterprise Law Tracker. The Grunin Center maintains a status tool that allows users to visualize how laws and regulations impacting social entrepreneurship have spread across the United States, with plans to expand to other countries.
  • Mapping the State of Social Enterprise and the Law. The Grunin Center will publish an annual report that evaluates the state of social enterprise and the law in the United States. The report will generally examine the challenges in defining the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing, legislative developments in the United States with respect to forms of legal entities that are available to social entrepreneurs, and the role of U.S. legal education in training a new generation of lawyers knowledgeable about the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing.
  • Grunin Center Resource Library. The Grunin Center will develop a virtual library that will consist of two parts: (1) a library of teaching tools, which will include situational case studies and interactive simulations (together with teaching notes) drawn from real-life events in the fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing; and (2) a library of sample documents and other practical resources for social entrepreneurs and their counsel, to aid them in structuring their enterprises and investments.