2019 Webinar Series

Webinar Series: Building a Legal Practice for Impact Investing

The Grunin Center has partnered with the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship to launch the webinar series: Building a Legal Practice in Impact Investing. The series builds on the Annual Conference programming and provides participants across Africa with an opportunity to learn from international and local legal experts in impact investing.

This three-part webinar series offers an opportunity to learn from international and local legal experts in the field. Participants will be exposed to a broad range of impact investing vehicles and gain insights into the practical legal issues that come about when making and living with an impact investment.


19 July 2018 – 8-10am ET| 2-4pm SAST
18 October 2018 – 9-11am ET | 3-5pm SAST
31 January 2019 – 9-11am ET | 3-5pm SAST


You can watch the webinars from the comfort of your office or home but you could also join a group of like-minded professionals and engage from one of our partner venues in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and the U.S. Check back for more information.

The purpose of participating via one of these venues would be to network and share experiences after the official session has ended. We hope to create a community of practice through this series that will culminate in a gathering at the Grunin Center/IILWG Annual Conference in New York on June 4-5, 2019, where we hope to have representatives from all regions of the world.


Session I: Embedding Impact into Deal Structures – 19 July 2018
In the first webinar of the series, participants learned about legal approaches to putting together and managing an impact investment throughout its life cycle -  from due diligence to exit (and beyond). Session completed.

Session II: Blending and Scaling Capital – 18 October 2018
In the second webinar of the series, participants learned about legal issues that arise in documenting and managing pooled capital structures across a range of investors with different risk appetites. Participants also explored the benefits and challenges of dealing with institutions whose funding comes from governments and taxpayers (such as IFIs and DFIs), as well as how to structure transactions that involve blended finance. Session completed.

Session III: Mainstreaming Impact – 31 January 2019

In the third and last webinar of the series, participants will explore how lines can blur between impact and ESG as these categorizations become increasingly mainstream, as well as the potential impact on investor appetite and risks associated with the mainstreaming these strategies. Participants will also examine different governance models being used by impact investment funds and identify lessons learned from the structures, information flows, and composition of governance bodies.