JLI Programs

JLI Resources

A team of current and formerly incarcerated jailhouse lawyers, law students, and attorneys have co-designed a holistic training program that equips incarcerated students with legal education and empowerment skills to effectively advocate for themselves and their incarcerated community members. From engaging in legal advocacy to shaping policy or building community within prisons — jailhouse lawyers are gaining the agency and skills to challenge their convictions, defend their parental rights, and demand improved conditions from within prison walls. For those returning home, the JLI equips individuals with the navigation skills necessary for mobility—securing employment, obtaining education, and bringing knowledge back to their community. You can find these in the Resource Library.

Feminist Circles

Noticing a lack of women's voices in justice expanding initiatives, JLI decided to take action. JLI, along with national and international women organizers have been imagining how Feminist Circles can be a tool that we use to water, nourish and protect sisters inside as they grow and bloom and how we outside, like petals, can expand and connect these circles of women beyond prison and community walls.


Legal Empowerment is Abolition