From Local to Global

NYU Law’s environmental law faculty are among the most distinguished academics in the field. They offer views on cutting-edge issues from climate change to renewable energy. Student-faculty collaboration, clinics, and summer public interest internships provide hands-on opportunities to apply classroom learning to environmental problems in New York City, the nation, and the world.

In the core classes, students are introduced to different theoretical perspectives on environmental regulation and get a foundational education about how environmental law works. They learn the law governing the regulation of clean air, clean water, energy, and endangered species. During their second and third year, many students will take one or more of several introductory survey courses, such as Environmental Law or Natural Resources Law or get first-hand experience through specialized clinics. Students can also choose from a range of seminars focusing on topics such as food and agricultural law and policy, animal law, and international environmental law and the issues currently shaping it, including global warming, declining fish stocks, and the loss of biological diversity.  The Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy, and Land Use Law and the Institute for Policy Integrity also provide students opportunities to meet practitioners and engage with high-level issues.

In keeping with its tradition of leadership in this area of study, the Law School now offers the Environmental and Energy Law LLM, a master’s program for students with a strong future professional or academic interest in environmental and land use law.