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The Tax Law Center at NYU Law

The Tax Law Center at NYU Law seeks to protect and strengthen the tax system through rigorous, high-impact legal work in the public interest. 

The legal choices that shape the tax system can be complex and opaque for people who are not tax experts, but they can have profound impacts, including on how much revenue the tax system raises and who pays tax. Private interests often invest heavily in shaping these choices. The Tax Law Center aims to be a strong public interest voice weighing in on these technical yet consequential tax law issues. To do so, the Center provides technical input on tax legislation, comments on tax regulations, and submits amicus briefs in tax litigation, with the aim of improving the integrity of the tax system, saving and raising revenues, and advancing equity.

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Annual Tax Legislative and Regulatory Update Conference
Dates to be announced
DC Bar
Tax Law Center Panelists: Rose Jenkins, Tabetha PeaveyChye-Ching Huang
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Recent Events

Tax System Working Group Discussion Series: Diversity in the Tax Bar 
January 7, 2022 
Law Firm Antiracism Alliance 
TLC Panelist: Chye-Ching Huang
Event announcement 

The Prescription: Fiscal Policy for Today's Economy
Thursday, December 23, 2022
Tax Policy Center
Tax Law Center Panelist: Rose Jenkins 
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Press Highlights

Bloomberg News

December 31, 2021 
Tax Professionals to Follow on Social Media in 2022 
Bloomberg Tax 
Mentioned: Chye-Ching Huang (@dashching) as someone to follow on Twitter for tax news and information. 


November 19, 2021
"Taxing Back Better"
Vox: The Weeds
Interview: Chye-Ching Huang discusses the tax provisions in the Build Back Better package.

Business Insider

October 25, 2021
"Ultrawealthy foreigners are hiding their millions in the US, and they're going to keep getting away with it until Congress does something about it"
Business Insider
Author: Chye-Ching Huang

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