Our Mission

The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at NYU Law (“State Impact Center”) supports state attorneys general (“AGs”) in defending and promoting clean energy, climate, and environmental laws and policies. The non-partisan State Impact Center provides assistance to AGs in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing direct legal assistance to interested AGs on specific administrative, judicial or legislative matters involving clean energy, climate change, and environmental interests of regional and national significance.
  • Working with interested AGs to identify and hire NYU Law Fellows who will serve as special assistant AGs in state AG offices, focusing on clean energy, climate, and environmental matters.
  • Helping to coordinate efforts across multiple state AG offices and with other parties that may be aligned with their interests.
  • Identifying and coordinating pro bono representation for AGs. 
  • Serving as a centralized source of information for ongoing attorneys general initiatives and helping to enhance the public’s understanding of the importance of the clean energy, climate change, and environmental matters that AGs are pursuing.

The Center launched in August 2017.  

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Fellows Program

State attorneys general have a unique role in defending the citizens of their states from environmentally destructive actions and in advocating for the clean energy, climate change, and environmental interests of their constituents. Unfortunately, in some states, state attorneys general have limited in-house resources available to address complex energy and environmental matters. 

The State Impact Center supports capacity-building within state AG offices through the hiring of a limited number of NYU Law Fellows with five to 10 years of experience in clean energy, climate change, and environmental issues as special assistant attorneys general (SAAGs). These SAAGs will be available for a two-year period to provide a supplemental, in-house resource to attorneys general and their senior staffs on clean energy, climate change and environmental matters of regional and national importance. 

Our Team

David J. Hayes is the executive director of the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center.

Elizabeth Johnson Klein is the deputy director. 

Chris Moyer is the communications director.

Hampden Macbeth is the staff attorney.

Brittany Whited is the program assistant. 

An advisory council provides advice and oversight to the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center. The council is chaired by Richard Revesz, Lawrence King Professor and dean emeritus at NYU Law. Its members include State Impact Center Executive Director Hayes; Daniel Firger '10 of the Environment Program at Bloomberg Philanthropies; Anne Milgram '96, former attorney general for New Jersey and now professor of practice and distinguished scholar in residence at NYU School of Law; and Bruce Babbitt, former attorney general and governor of Arizona, and secretary of the Department of the Interior during the Clinton administration.


Confidentiality of Matters Addressed by State Energy & Environmental Impact Center Attorneys
State Impact Center attorneys will fully respect the need for confidentiality when working with AGs on specific legal matters. Accordingly, when and where appropriate, the Center's attorneys will enter into agreements with relevant AGs to protect the confidentiality of attorney-client, work product, and other confidential communications.