Colloquium on the Law, Economics, and Politics of Urban Affairs

Spring 2019
Colloquium on Issues in Landlord/Tenant Law
Wednesday, 2:10-4:00 p.m., Vanderbilt Hall-202
Professor Vicki Been and Professor Yun-chien Chang


Colloquium Schedule

* marks dates with paper presentation

01.16.19 – Background

01.30.19* – Rob Collinson (NYU Wagner):  The Effects of Evictions on Low Income Tenants (co-authored with Davin Reed, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

02.06.19* – Peter Hepburn (The Eviction Lab, Department of Sociology, Princeton University): Serial Evictions: Property Managers, Tenants, and Civil Court Sanctions (co-authored with Lillian Leung, The Eviction Lab,  and Matt Desmond, Princeton University, Department of Sociology)

02.13.19 – Background

02.20.19* – Thomas Merrill (Columbia Law School): Law and Economics of Leases

02.27.19* – Eva Rosen (Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy): The Threat of Eviction: How Landlords Shape a Contingent Tenure (co-authored with Phil Garboden, University of Hawai’i Department of Urban and Regional Planning)

03.06.19* – Nicole Summers (Harvard Law School):  The Limits of the Warranty of Habitability: A Study of Housing Court Outcomes 

03.13.19*  – Lisa Alexander (Texas A&M Law School):  Community in Property: Lessons from Tiny Homes Villages

03.27.19* – Meredith Greif (Johns Hopkins University Department of Sociology ): Regulating Landlords: Unintended Consequences for Poor Tenants

04.03.19* – Devin Michelle Bunten (MIT): Yes, Gentrification Displaces People (co-authored with Shifrah Aron-Dine, Stanford)

04.10.19*  –  Evan Mast (W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research): Does Luxury Housing Construction Increase Nearby Rents? (co-authored with Brian James Asquith, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research  and Davin Reed, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

04.17.19* – Anita Zuberi (Duquesne University Department of Sociology):  The Other Side of the Story: Exploring the Experiences of Landlords in Order to Improve Housing Opportunity for Low-Income Households

04.24.19* –  Dan Waldinger (NYU Furman Center and NYU Department of Economics):  Allocating Affordable Housing through Waiting Lists (co-authored with Vicki Been, NYU Furman Center and NYU School of Law, and Katherine O’Regan, NYU Furman Center and NYU Wagner)

05.01.19  – Wrap-up