Colloquium on the Law, Economics, and Politics of Urban Affairs

Spring 2019
Colloquium on Issues in Landlord/Tenant Law
Wednesday, 2:10-4:00 p.m., Vanderbilt Hall-202
Professor Vicki Been and Professor Yun-chien Chang


Colloquium Schedule

* marks dates with paper presentation

01.16.19 – Background

01.30.19* – Rob Collinson (NYU Wagner):  The Effects of Evictions on Low Income Tenants (co-authored with Davin Reed, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

02.06.19* – Peter Hepburn (The Eviction Lab, Department of Sociology, Princeton University): Serial Evictions: Property Managers, Tenants, and Civil Court Sanctions (co-authored with Lillian Leung, The Eviction Lab,  and Matt Desmond, Princeton University, Department of Sociology)

02.13.19 – Background

02.20.19* – Thomas Merrill (Columbia Law School): Law and Economics of Leases

02.27.19* – Eva Rosen (Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy): The Threat of Eviction: How Landlords Shape a Contingent Tenure (co-authored with Phil Garboden, University of Hawai’i Department of Urban and Regional Planning)

03.06.19* – Nicole Summers (Harvard Law School):  The Limits of the Warranty of Habitability: A Study of Housing Court Outcomes 

03.13.19*  – Lisa Alexander (Texas A&M Law School):  Community in Property: Lessons from Tiny Homes Villages

03.27.19* – Meredith Greif (Johns Hopkins University Department of Sociology ): Regulating Landlords: Unintended Consequences for Poor Tenants

04.03.19* – Devin Michelle Bunten (MIT): Yes, Gentrification Displaces People (co-authored with Shifrah Aron-Dine, Stanford)

04.10.19*  –  Evan Mast (W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research): Does Luxury Housing Construction Increase Nearby Rents? (co-authored with Brian James Asquith, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research  and Davin Reed, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

04.17.19* – Anita Zuberi (Duquesne University Department of Sociology):  The Other Side of the Story: Exploring the Experiences of Landlords in Order to Improve Housing Opportunity for Low-Income Households

04.24.19* –  Dan Waldinger (NYU Furman Center and NYU Department of Economics):  Allocating Affordable Housing through Waiting Lists (co-authored with Vicki Been, NYU Furman Center and NYU School of Law, and Katherine O’Regan, NYU Furman Center and NYU Wagner)

05.01.19  – Wrap-up 

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Professors Vicki Been and Ingrid Ellen

Spring 2014
Wednesday, 2:00-3:50PM
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 202

2 credits

This course, taught jointly by faculty of the Law School and the Wagner School, will allow students to explore the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of current debates in urban policy. We will meet with nationally prominent scholars in law, economics, urban planning, and public administration to discuss their works in progress. In the past, topics of the papers have included, e.g., the prospect that the rise of Black middle class suburbs may increase residential segregation, the capitalization of school spending into the value of homes, and the effect environmental regulations have on the price of housing. In background sessions, students learn the theory and methodology necessary to discuss the work in progress with its author. In colloquium sessions, students discuss the work with the author and other invited guests. Students submit written questions for the author and prepare short papers critiquing the work and the author's defense of the work.

Spring 2014 Presenters

February 12

Min Zhou, Professor of Sociology, UCLA and Nanyange
Paper Topic: The Formation of Ethnic Resources and Social Capital in Immigrant Neighborhoods: Chinatown and Koreatown in Los Angeles

February 19

Lincoln Quillian, Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University
Paper Topic: Race, Class, and Location in Neighborhood Mobility

February 26

Julian Vazquez Heilig, Associate Professor, Educational Policy and Planning, University of Texas at Austin
Paper Topic : Exploring Access and Segregation in Texas Charter Schools
Supplemental Tables: Exploring Access and Segregation in Texas Charter Schools (Holme, Heilig, Redd, LeClair)

March 5

David Deming, Assistant Professor of Economics, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Paper Topic: School Resegregation, Educational Attainment and Crime: Evidence from the End of Busing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

March 12

Leah Boustan, Associate Professor of Economics, UCLA
Paper Topic: Competition in the Promised Land: Black Migrants in
                      Nothern Cities and Labor Markets

March 26

Nicola Lacey, School Professor of Law, Gender and Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science
David SoskiceSchool Professor of Political Science and Economics, Department of Government, London School of Economic
Paper Topic: Why are the Truly Disadvantaged American, when the UK is Bad Enough?

April 2

Melissa J. Marschall, Professor of Political Science, Rice University
Paper Topic: The Parental Involvement Gap

April 9

Ann Owens, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California
Paper Topic: Inequality in Children’s Contexts: Trends and Correlates of Economic Segregation between School Districts, 1990 to 2010

April 16

Annette Lareau, Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Elliot WeiningerProfessor of Sociology, SUNY Brockport
Paper Topic: Hearsay, Taken-for-Granted Knowledge, and Housing Decisions 

April 23

Jacob Vigdor, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
Paper Topic: The Civil Rights Movement and Educational Inequality

April 30

Claudine Gay, Professor of Government and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University
Paper Topic: Fighting Poverty, Mobilizing Voters: Housing Investment and Political Participation