Guarini Colloquium: The International Law of Global Digital Corporations

Professors Benedict Kingsbury, Thomas Streinz, and J.H.H. Weiler
Fall 2018
Credits: 2


Global internet corporations (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter) have played leading roles in shaping the transnational digital order, enabled by light regulation and robust liability protection in the US. Their platforms make rules, and their lobbying has influenced both national regulators and international treaty negotiators especially in the digital trade chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and similar agreements. But these US companies are encountering increasing state and EU regulatory pushback, and a different approach prevails in China, the home of several world-leading internet companies (e.g. Alibaba, Huawei, Ten-Cent). All of these interactions spill over into some remaking of traditional international law.


Guest Speaker Sessions (4:10-6:00 p.m. Vanderbilt Hall, Room 208)

  • Monday, 5 November 2018: Julie E. Cohen, Georgetown Law: Legal Constructions of Informational Capitalism
  • Monday, 12 November 2018: Lisa Austin, University of Toronto: Safe Sharing Sites
  • Monday, 26 November 2018: Scott Hemphill, NYU Law: Disruptive Monopolists