Global and Comparative Public Law Colloquium

Professor Mattias Kumm and Professor Joseph Weiler Co-Conveners

Fall 2019
Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM - 7:50 PM
Furman Hall, Room 316

2 Credits

This colloquium explores conceptual, institutional and normative issues raised by the globalization of public law as well as the more recent backlash against it. After liberal constitutional democracy spread across the globe in the past fifty years, more recently we see a pattern of democratic backsliding. After the increasing transnational integration of states associated with 'globalization', challenging the sharp traditional distinction between national law and international law and giving rise to such fields as Global Constitutional Law and Global Administrative Law, the order that has evolved after the end of the Cold War has more recently been subjected to fundamental challenges. The invited paper givers for this colloquium address a wide range of central issues from different methodological perspectives relating to the globalization of public law and its discontents.

Fall 2019 Schedule of Presenters: 

*The Colloquium will meet weekly. There will be external paper presentations on the following dates:

Sept. 10: Daniel Statman (University of Haifa) - War by Agreement (PDF: 299KB)

Sept. 17: Eyal Benvenisti (Cambridge University) - International Law in the Age of Bilateralism (PDF: 187KB)

Sept. 24: Moshe Halbertal (Hebrew University and NYU) - Liberalism, Nationalism, and Ultra-Natioanalism (PDF: 205KB)

Oct. 1: Veronika Fikfak (Cambridge University)

Oct. 15: Martti Koskiennemi (University of Helsinki) International Law and the Far Right: Reflections on Law and Cynicism (PDF: 259KB)

Oct. 22: Katharina Pistor (Columbia University) Capital's global rule - Constellations (PDF: 171KB)

Oct. 29: Jorg Polakiewicz (Council of Europe) Addressing systemic RoL deficiencies_... (PDF:320KB)

Nov. 5: Encarnacion Roca I Trias  (Spanish Constitutional Court) Family Law as a Right to Freedom: The Case of Same-Sex Marriage in Spain (PDF:197KB)

Nov. 12: Gráinne de Búrca (NYU) Reinvigorating Democracy in the European Union: Lessons from Ireland’s Citizens Assembly? (PDF:182KB)

Nov. 19: Sam Issacharoff (NYU) The Corruption of Popular Sovereignty (PDF:553.87KB)

Nov. 26: Alec Stone Sweet (National University of Singapore) Proportionality Balancing and Constitutional Governance: A Comparative and Global Approach

*Papers will be made available one week prior to the presentation date.  Please note that the schedule may change.