Global Fellows

Post-Doctoral Global Fellows

Post-Doctoral Global Fellows are postdoctoral scholars who have attained their doctoral degrees within the past four years (determined as of the application deadline) and who have not yet secured a tenure-track academic appointment at an institution.  All Post-Doctoral Global Fellows are actively integrated into the Law School community through various academic and social programs, including the Global/Emile Noël Fellows Forums where they are required to present their research. Additionally, they will be treated as much like members of the NYU School of Law Faculty as practicable for the duration of their residency. By the conclusion of their semester or year in residency at the Law School, all Post-Doctoral Global Fellows will have produced a major publishable piece of scholarly work and a report on their experience in the Global Fellows Program.

An applicant who performs research in comparative constitutional law, comparative civil procedure, Access to Justice, the sociology of law or European integration may, at the discretion of the selection committee, be named the Mauro Cappelletti Global Fellow in Comparative Law.  The Neil MacCormick Fellowship in Legal Theory may be appointed to a fellow who is researching in legal theory, European law and theory, or public law.  Finally, New York University is a member of the Scholars at Risk Network.  Scholars at Risk works to protect scholars suffering grave threats to their lives, liberty and well-being by arranging temporary research and teaching positions at institutions in their network as well as by providing advisory and referral services.  Those applications that are selected by the Global Fellows Program's selection committee for participation in the Global Fellows Program and that wish to be considered for Scholars at Risk Network program will be forwarded to the Scholars at Risk Network for further consideration.

Benefits of Participation

Participating in the Global Fellows Program as a Post-Doctoral Global Fellow will include the following benefits:

  1. Participation in all Law School events including those especially for Global Fellows  
  2. Inclusion, as much as practicable, in Faculty events and activities, for example, the weekly Faculty Workshops
  3. A work space with telephone & computer
  4. Access to the NYU School of Law Library, including WestLaw and LEXIS
  5. An email account
  6. Consideration for a merit-based postdoctoral stipend, as stated under "Post-Doctoral Stipend Information".

Post-Doctoral Stipend Information

Certain Post-Doctoral Global Fellows meeting eligibility requirements may be considered for a merit-based postdoctoral stipend during the appointment period, at the sole discretion of the selection committee.  In compliance with NYC’s Pay Transparency Act, the stipend for this position is US$50,000 for the academic year (or US$25,000 per academic semester), subject to any applicable tax(es). The rate is based on an expected duration of nine months for the academic year (or four to five months for the academic semester). In order to be considered for a merit-based postdoctoral stipend, the applicant must be a recent postdoctoral scholar (having attained the doctorate degree within four years of the application deadline) without a tenure-track academic appointment at an institution.  Please note that we offer a very limited number of these merit-based postdoctoral stipends per year.  ALL applicants are encouraged to supplement their participation in the Global Fellows Program by seeking scholarships and grants from other organizations.  More information will be provided following admission to the program.

Application Instructions

The invitation to join the Law School as a Post-Doctoral Global Fellow is also an invitation to a life-long relationship with the Global Fellows Program, one that will continue to foster excellence in legal scholarship. If you are interested in the Global Fellows Program, please view the Application Instructions for further information.

If you are interested in participating in the Global Fellows Program in another capacity, you may wish to view information regarding our Global and Senior Global Research Fellows, Global and Senior Global Fellows from Practice & Government or Emile Noël Fellows.  For doctoral candidates enrolled in a doctoral degree program at another institution abroad who wish to benefit from spending one year of their research at NYU School of Law, please refer to the Visiting Doctoral Researchers program information.