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Global Fellows Forum

The Global Fellows Forum is at the heart of the Global Fellows Program, and represents an integral component in the Hauser Global Law School's "Turn to Scholarship" initiated in 2003. The primary mission of the Global Fellows Program is the production of publishable scholarship, and the Global Fellows Forum serves as an important vehicle for facilitating the achievement of that mission.

All Global Fellows, that is Global and Senior Global Research Fellows, Global and Senior Global Fellows from Practice & Government and Post-Doctoral Global Fellows, attend the Global Fellows Forum, which features presentations of research by Global Fellows to an audience of other NYU School of Law fellows, faculty and invited guests. This provides an opportunity for Global Fellows to gather, collaborate, share ideas and provide feedback in a supportive and intellectual environment.

Please see below for our Forum schedule for the 2015-16 Academic Year. Research abstracts will be available about one week prior to each Forum date.

NOTE: Moderator for all sessions will be Prof. Kevin Davis, Vice Dean, Beller Family Professor of Business Law

Wednesday, October 21 - Furman Hall 910

11:00 – 11:55 am

Yoon Jin Shin (commentator:  Prof.  Mattias Kumm)
Global Constitutionalism, Transnational Human Rights Law and the Constitutional Rights Practice of South Korea

12:00 – 12:55 pm


1:00 – 1:55 pm

Jing Tao (commentators:  Prof. Jerome Cohen and Frank Upham)
Sovereignty Costs and China's Socialization into International Legal Regimes: Evidence from China's Approach to Hard Law

2:00 – 2:55 pm

Shreya Atrey (commentator: Prof. Philip Alston)
Intersectional Violations: A Case of Poverty

Friday, October 23 - Furman Hall 910

8:30–8:55 am


9:00–9:55 am

Asem Khalil (commentator: Prof. Jeremy Waldron)
Arab Political Systems in Crisis: Alternative approaches to a better understanding of the dynamics of Arab regimes

10:00–10:55 am

Frederick Wilmot-Smith (commentator: Prof. Jeremy Waldron)
Legal Aid: A Philosophical Inquiry

Wednesday, November 4 - Furman Hall 910

8:30–8:55 am                  


9:00–9:55 am

Machie Murata (commentator: Prof. Rochelle Dreyfuss)
The Key Factors and Issues, and Professional Supports for University Startups' to Achieve Innovation 

10:00–10:55 am

Susan Emmenegger (commentator: Prof. Geoffrey Miller)
Conflicting Laws in International Financial Regulation

11:00–11:55 am

Jennifer Hill  (commentator: Prof. Geoffrey Miller)
International Regulatory Governance Structures and Selective Enforcement in the Post-Crisis Era