Experiential Learning Lab

Mission Statement

For more than thirty years, NYU has pioneered the study and development of experiential learning methods. NYU’s celebrated Lawyering Method assures that every beginning law student is simultaneously engaged in the study of law and in the interactive practices of interpreting and using law. This simultaneous engagement deepens students’ understanding of legal doctrine and legal process. At the same time, it assures that the relational, social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of legal practice are central components of law students’ training.

The Experiential Learning Lab extends the NYU Law School’s commitment to experiential learning. It works in law, education, medical, business, and other professional schools to develop an integrated understanding of the theoretical, interactive, and technical aspects of professional practice and to foster intellectual flexibility and relational proficiency among aspiring and new professionals. Across the range of educational settings, and among diverse populations, the Lab studies and tests the effects of experiential learning on students’ engagement and sense of purpose.