New Course Offerings

Race and the First Amendment Seminar (11/08/2022)
Professor Sykes

Critical Race Theory Seminar (11/08/2022)
Professor Shukur

Applied Tax Equity Financing (11/02/2022)
Professor Han

Graduate Lawyering II: Practical Legal Writing (10/18/2022)
Professor Chung

Intelligence: Law, Strategy, Ethics Seminar: Writing Credit (10/18/2022)
Professor Rascoff

Beyond Criminal Justice Reform: Abolition Theory and Praxis Seminar: Writing Credit (10/18/2022)
Professor Williamson

Partnership Taxation for ITP (10/14/2022)
Professor Hellwig

Tax Policy Seminar: Writing Credit (9/9/2022)
Professor Endean

Examining Disability Rights and Centering Disability Justice Seminar (8/12/2022)
Professor Nair

Global China and Its Legal Footprint Seminar (8/12/2022)
Professor Carrai

Human Rights at Home: Advancing U.S. Social Justice Seminar – Writing Credit (8/12/2022)
Professor Kaufman

Retribution in Criminal Justice: Political Violence and its Relation to Manhood (Shakespeare) Seminar - Writing Credit (8/12/2022)
Professor Gilligan & Professor Richards

Free Speech, Ethical Transformation, and Social Change: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Seminar - Writing Credit (8/12/2022)
Professor Richards

The Beautiful Game: Football, FIFA and the Governance of Transnational Sport Seminar – Writing Credit (8/12/2022)
Professor Weiler

Law and Development Colloquium: Writing Credit (8/12/2022)
Professor Davis

Supreme Court Simulation Seminar (8/10/2022)
Professor McKenzie & Professor Millman

Guarini Colloquium: Regulating Global Digital Corporations (8/9/2022)
Professor Weiler & Professor Streinz

Digital Currency, Blockchains and the Future of Financial Services (8/9/2022)
Professor Yermack & Professor Hinkes

Global Environmental Law, Science, and Governance Seminar: Writing Credit (7/5/2022)
Professor Stewart & Professor Rudyk

Estate and Gift Taxation [ONLINE] (7/1/22)
Professor Hellwig

Estate and Gift Taxation [ONLINE]- for MSL (7/1/22)
Professor Hellwig

Partnership Taxation [ONLINE] (6/21/2022)
Professor Brant Hellwig

Partnership Taxation [ONLINE]- for MSL (6/21/2022)
Professor Brant Hellwig

Taxation of Property Transactions [ONLINE] (6/21/2022)
Professor Brant Hellwig

Taxation of Property Transactions [ONLINE] - for MSL (6/21/2022)
Professor Brant Hellwig