Canceled Courses

Prosecution Externship - Eastern District (6/01/23)
Professor Alixandra Smith & Erin Reid

Prosecution Externship - Eastern District Seminar (6/01/23)
Professor Alixandra Smith & Erin Reid

1L Reading Group: Corporate Theory (04/14/2023)
Professor Richard Brooks

Trying Atrocity Crimes Seminar (3/6/2023)
Professor Theodor Meron

Trying Atrocity Crimes Seminar: Writing Credit (3/6/2023)
Professor Theodor Meron

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax [ONLINE] - MSL (2/15/2023)
Professor Christiana Maria Lazo

Private Foundations and Their Alternatives [ONLINE] - for MSL (2/15/2023)
Professor Jill Manny

Tax Policy [ONLINE] - for MSL (2/15/2023)
Professor Joshua Blank

State Taxation of Native Americans [ONLINE] - MSL (2/15/2023)
Professor Richard Pomp

Military Justice Seminar (1/23/2023)
Professor Eugene Fidell

The Original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (1/23/2023)
Professor Eugene Fidell

Hauser Colloquium: Taking Duties Seriously: Public Duties, Social Justice, & the Protection of the Environment (1/11/2023)
Professor J.H.H. Weiler

Reconsidering the Trial of Jesus: A Reading for Our Times (1/11/2023)
Professor J.H.H. Weiler

Global China and Its Legal Footprint Seminar (11/15/2022)
Professor Adele Carrai

Graduate Lawyering II: Advocacy (10/18/2022)
Professor Susan Chung

Mergers and Acquisitions (10/17/2022)
Professor TBA

Graduate Lawyering I (9/16/2022)
Professor Susan Chung

Tax Policy Seminar (8/15/2022)
Professor TBA

Alternative Dispute Resolution (8/12/2022)
Professor Rebecca Price

Trade Secret Law (8/8/2022)
Professor Jeanne Fromer

Criminal Procedure: Fourth and Fifth Amendments (7/19/2022)
Professor Stephen Schulhofer

Taxation of Property Transactions (6/21/22)
Professor Brant Hellwig

Examining Disability Rights and Centering Disability Justice (6/17/22)
Professor Natalie Michele Chin

From Adam and Eve to the Trial of Jesus: Justice and Injustice in Biblical Narrative Seminar (6/14/22)
Professor J.H.H. Weiler

Sentencing Seminar (6/10/22)
Professor John Gleeson

Persuasion and the Power of Public Sentiment: Communication for Lawyers Seminar (6/9/22)
Professor Rebekah Carmichael

Cybersecurity: Law & Strategy Seminar (5/18/22)
Professor Samuel Rascoff

Commercial Law (5/4/22)
Professor Eric Brunstad

Secured Transactions (5/4/22)
Professor Eric Brunstad