Faculty Services Program (Book Retrieval and Document Delivery)

Document Delivery

An important component of our Faculty Services Program is retrieval of books and articles.

Submitting Requests 

Faculty should use the Library's ILLiad platform to place requests for books and articles--those in Law Library, in Bobst Library and those not in NYU's collections. Once on the system, navigate to "New Request" and select the material needed (i.e. article, book or book chapter). Provide the item's bibliographic information as requested by the form. (Note: Please share your username and password with any assistants who will be placing requests for you.)

How the Process Works

When processing a request, our staff will first check to see if the item is owned by NYU libraries. If the item is available in electronic form in our collections, we will email you a link to that copy. If you prefer print, please add that information in the notes in your request and we will attempt to obtain your preferred format. If the item is not available in NYU collections, we will attempt to obtain the item via interlibrary loan. 

Law Library Print Materials

If a requested book is in print in the Law Library, the item will be delivered to your office. If a requested article is available in print in the Law Library or in an electronic collection, a copy of the article will posted to your ILLiad portal, generally within two business days. 

Bobst Library Print Materials
  • If a requested book is available in print at Bobst Library, our staff can check out the book on your behalf and deliver to your office. However, to do so, faculty must complete an Additional Borrower Form. Please email completed forms to Denise To. If the book is available in Bobst's offsite collection, our staff will contact you to give you further instructions on how the item must be requested and to coordinate pickup by our staff.
  • If a requested article or book chapter is available in print in the Bobst Library or in an electronic collection, a copy of the article will posted to your ILLiad portal, generally within three to four business days. 
  • Bobst Library also offers its own scanning service for articles and book chapters only owned in print in their collection and a home delivery service (intended for faculty living outside of NYC or those who cannot come in person to the library.) To take advantage of these delivery services, faculty should submit requests through Bobcat while logged into your account. Our staff cannot places these requests for faculty. 
  • Please be aware that Law faculty members are personally responsible for the payment of any overdue fines or other charges assessed by Bobst Library. Further, fines can result in suspension of your borrowing privileges at Bobst Library. So, please be careful to return items promptly. Items you borrow from Bobst Library should be returned directly to Bobst Library or to the Law Library's ILL department (in sub-basement of the Library). Please do not return Bobst items to the Law Library Circulation desk. 

Interlibrary Loan

  • If an item is not available in NYU Libraries, we will request the item via interlibrary loan. Generally, we receive materials from lending libraries within 7 to 14 working days, with articles and book chapters, generally arriving faster than print books. Articles, book chapters and other digital copies will be posted to your ILLiad portal. After we receive print materials from a lending library, they will be promptly delivered to your office.  We will notify you as soon as possible if we are unable to fill a request.
  • Renewals of print materials are only granted at the discretion of the lending library, so please use ILL material promptly. If a book is renewable, there will be a renew button next to the item on your ILLiad portal.
  • Return of ILL-print items should be made directly to the Law Library Circulation Desk. Please note failure of one patron to return an item on time can restrict our ability to borrow items from the lending institution for all NYU patrons so please be sure to adhere to all deadlines.

Important Document Delivery & ILL Facts

  • Due to the large volume of requests received on a daily basis, requests are limited to 100 pages per day per faculty member.
  • PDFs posted to ILLiad accounts will be available for downloading for 30 days, after which they will be deleted and will be irretrievable by our staff or by you. 
  • Deliveries to faculty offices of NYU- and ILL-print material are made twice daily, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. [Fall 2021 Update: Please expect COVID-induced delays in delivery due to limited staffing.]
  • The Law Library provides individual copies for your own research. We do not handle bulk orders for sale by the NYU Bookstore.
  • We observe copyright guidelines. As such, we may not be able to honor all scan requests. 

Questions or Problems?