Course Reserve

  • Print copies of required texts can be placed on course reserve in the Library (kept at the Circulation Desk) to ensure that students have access to required course materials. For course reserve requests, please fill out this form completely and email it to Coleman Ridge. Faculty are asked to return this form as soon as possible before the semester begins to ensure adequate time to obtain materials.
  • Faculty may also place personal copies of print material on Course Reserve. Please bring those materials to the Circulation Desk.
Links to E-Resources on NYU Classes
  • Links to NYU-licensed e-resource content such as ebooks and articles can be inserted into NYU Classes and/or syllabi. Creating those links can be complicated. Our Linking to Electronic Resources in NYU Classes Research Guide provides guidance for you or your assistants on how to create these links.
  • Please keep in mind that decisions relating to the uploading of scanned portions of a print book or of an article to NYU Classes are solely within individual faculty members’ purviews. NYU’s webpage on Copyright and Fair Use and this Copyright guide maintained by Bobst Libraries can be helpful resources when making those fair use decisions.