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What is the International Student Interview Program?

The International Student Interview Program (ISIP) is organized by a consortium of 33 US law schools to facilitate the hiring of foreign-trained lawyers attending a broad range of schools in an organized, time-efficient manner. Over 1,600 LLM candidates representing more than 75 countries will have an opportunity to be considered for internship and permanent positions with leading global legal employers during this interview program. 

ISIP is administered through ISIP Symplicity, our online registration and interview scheduling system. School coordinators may login here. For detailed ISIP Symplicity instructions, please review this document.

When will the program be held?

In order to accommodate the changes to international LLM enrollment patterns in the 2020-2021 academic year, we have created a two-part program for this year.

  • The ISIP Preview Program will take place between March 15 and April 2, 2021.
  • The ISIP Interview Program will be held on June 18, 2021.
A student interviewing with one of the more than 160 leading legal employers who participate in ISIP.
A student interviewing with one of the more than 160 leading legal employers who participate in ISIP.

Why is there a two-part (Preview and Interview) Program this year?

The majority of the schools in our consortium provided alternative enrollment options for LLM students because of the public health circumstances caused by COVID-19. We created the two-part program to provide the greatest flexibility to both students and employers during this unprecedented year.

Enrollment Timing: Most students in our programs will begin their LLM in January 2021, graduating in either August or December 2021. Accordingly, students participating in ISIP 2021 may be graduating in May, August, or December 2021 and will be looking for career opportunities on a variety of time frames. March interviews during the Preview Program can accommodate those students graduating in May, while June will likely be the appropriate time to interview students graduating in August and December.

LLM Grades: Students starting their LLM program in January will not have grades and will not yet have completed a semester of LLM courses until May 2021. These students may not be able to discuss LLM courses or their LLM experience in-depth at the start of the spring semester, as they will have just started their studies.

Early Access to Top Candidates: We recognize that some employers want to gain access to the talented students in our consortium programs early and may not want to wait to review LLM grades, or may want to interview all candidates in the spring along more traditional LLM recruiting timelines. In such cases, employers may wish to interview all candidates (even those beginning in January) through the Preview Program in March.

In-Person Interviews: We hope to be able to offer in-person or hybrid in-person/virtual interviews during the June interview program, depending on health guidelines. If you have any questions, please reach out to Elena Lee, ISIP Coordinator at

Which students are eligible to participate?

This event is designed for foreign-trained lawyers currently enrolled in a US graduate (LLM or JSD) program at one of the participating law schools, regardless of the mode of instruction (remote, in-person, and hybrid). Participation is limited to one event per degree. Students currently enrolled in a US JD program are not eligible to participate under any circumstances

Because of the size and scope of the program, this program is reserved exclusively for interviewing students from member schools. We are unable to allow any students who are not enrolled in a consortium school to interview through ISIP. 

Which employers participate?

Information on participating employers will be available through the online system in February 2021. For a list of participating employers from past years please review this document. Employers indicate hiring criteria (such as country of law degree) when registering to participate in the program, and the system filters students by country of law degree. For a list of participating employers from past years please review this document

How are interview schedules created?

ISIP is 100% pre-screened; employers select their candidates after reviewing student resumes. Employers submit position requirements through the online system, which includes information about country of first law degree, practice areas, language skills, and other hiring criteria. For 2021, we have also asked employers to indicate if they will consider summer 2021 interns as well as to provide information about preferred start dates. Students will only be able to see and apply to positions with employers who have requested candidates with degrees from their country of first law degree.

How many interviews are on an interview schedule?

During the March Preview Program, the employers contact students directly to set up interviews and there is no limit to the number of students employers may schedule. We anticipate that the Preview Program will be small and have only a limited number of interviews for each employer.

During the June Interview Program each interview schedule allows an interviewer to conduct up to eighteen interviews. We will be structuring the interview day to accommodate multiple time zones in the event of a completely virtual or hybrid program.

How will the interviews take place?

Preview Program: Employers will schedule interviews directly with candidates of interest and host the interviews on the employers’ preferred virtual platform (e.g., Zoom, Webex, Google).

Interview Program: While we hope to be able to offer in-person interviews in June 2021, we are still monitoring the health guidelines for New York and our global partners. We will provide more details about in-person, hybrid, or completely virtual interviews in the spring. Virtual interviews during the Interview Program will be hosted on NYU’s video interview platform.

What are the deadlines?

Preview Program: Students begin reviewing hiring criteria on February 2, 2021 and submit resumes for consideration by February 22, 2021. Employers make candidate selections by March 10, 2021, and interview invitation results will be released in the system on March 12, 2021. Virtual interviews will take place between March 15, 2021 and April 2, 2021.

Important Preview Program Dates:

January 15, 2021 School registration deadline 5:00 PM (EST)
February 2, 2021 Student bidding period opens 9:00 AM (EST)
February 22, 2021 Student bidding deadline 5:00 PM (EST)
February 24, 2021 Employers receive student resumes 12:00 PM (EST)
March 10, 2021

Employer candidate selection deadline 5:00 PM (EST)

March 11, 2021 Interview invitation results available 12:00 PM (EST)
March 12, 2021 Student accept/decline deadline 12:00 PM (EST)
March 15, 2021 - April 2, 2021 Virtual Interviews scheduled and hosted by the employer

Interview Program: Students will review employer position requirements starting April 6, 2021 and submit resumes for consideration by May 11, 2021. Students may apply to employers again through the Interview Program, even if they already applied through the Preview Program, unless the student previously interviewed with the employer during the Preview Program. Employers make candidate selections by May 26, 2021, and interview invitation results will be released on May 28, 2021. Interviews will take place on June 18, 2021 (virtual or hybrid to be determined).

Important Interview Program Dates:

April 6, 2021 Student bidding period opens 9:00 AM (EST)
May 3, 2021 Student bidding deadline 5:00 PM (EST)
May 5, 2021    Employers receive second round student resumes 12:00 PM (EST)
May 26, 2021    Employer candidate selection deadline 5:00 PM (EST)
May 28, 2021 Interview invitation results released 12:00 PM (EST)
June 4, 2021 Interview Preselect/Alternate Accept or Decline deadline 5:00 PM (EST)
June 9, 2021    Preliminary Interview Schedules Released 12:00 PM (EST)
June 11, 2021    Final Interview Schedules Released 12:00 PM (EST)
June 18, 2021    ISIP Interview Program

How do I register?

Complete and submit the School Registration Form sent in your invitation email. The registration form is also available through ISIP Symplicity in the Documents Library. Please email the completed form to and keep a copy of the registration form for your records.

ISIP is coordinated through ISIP Symplicity, our online registration and interview management system. Only NYU Law can reset a coordinator login password. Further instructions for using ISIP Symplicity are available here. If you experience problems with ISIP Symplicity that are not addressed in these instructions, please contact the ISIP Coordinator, Elena Lee, at

What are the registration fees?

There is a registration fee of $500 for law schools with fewer than 25 candidates and $600 for law schools with 25 or more candidates. Invoices will be forwarded within two weeks of your registration. Registration fees are due no later than the November 4 student bidding deadline. The program budget is more than $100,000, and your fees pay for program materials, correspondence, employer morning reception, employer luncheon, cocktail reception, beverage breaks, and the rental of space and equipment. Registration fees may be submitted in the form of a check made payable to New York University School of Law or with a credit card through ISIP Symplicity using your ‘Payment Account.’ For more information regarding this, please refer to the Coordinator Instructions.

How is ISIP staffed?

We are evaluating our staffing needs for a virtual or hybrid program and will provide further information in the spring.


Contact Information:
Elena Lee
ISIP Coordinator
Office of Career Services
New York University School of Law
245 Sullivan Street, Suite 430
New York, NY 10012
(212) 998-6086