Our Work

The Center works in four key ways:

Driving the narrative 

The Center leverages its expertise to produce content that addresses the historical, empirical, and pervasive character of racial bias in the legal system. We conduct research on the nuances that drive racial disparities in the law—from in-depth historical reporting, to rigorous legal examinations, to complex data analysis. We publish original materials to enrich the discourse and present actionable solutions for system actors and policymakers to draw upon. We provide space for communities of color to tell their stories that lie at the intersection of race and the law.

Challenging current policy and practice through litigation and advocacy

We challenge institutions and systems that perpetuate racial injustice by taking legal action. As a key part of our strategy, we use our expertise, research, and advocacy to support legal actions that provide individual redress and build momentum for scalable reform.

Education and training 

We provide education and training to actors at all levels—from law students to practicing attorneys to legislators to judges—on the history of racism and its impact upon the contemporary legal system. We infuse law school curricula with principles of racial justice, and work to ensure that legal education is informed by an understanding of the history of racism in America. We produce original training materials to support the continuing education of practitioners, and actively support them to become leaders who will advance racial justice. We work with a robust network of partners in universities across the country to share lessons learned, collaborate on curriculum development, and host joint meetings. 


We convene community and civic leaders, advocates, practicing attorneys, academics, people whose lives have been burdened by racial inequality, and the broader public to facilitate productive discourse about racial disparities in the law. We host roundtable discussions and community conversations to gather input and explore solutions that will reduce racial disparities and improve justice outcomes for all. We invite experts to speak about their emerging research, and host a variety of public events such as film screenings and moderated conversations centered on urgent issues of racial justice.

The Center prioritizes work in the following areas:

  • Race and Narrative through our public conversation series
  • Race and Discretion in the Criminal Legal System
  • Race and Technology
  • Race and Community Equity