Watch a conversation on the dynamics of racism and inequality and the road ahead in 2021 with Candice Jones '07, president and CEO of the Public Welfare Foundation, and Professors Kim Taylor-Thompson, Anthony Thompson, and Vincent Southerland.

Cover of report on Building Safe, Thriving Communities: Research-Based Strategies for Public Safety 

Our Latest Report

Building Safe, Thriving Communities: Research-Based Strategies for Public Safety (PDF: 7.11 MB) lays out a new path for public safety that looks to the comprehensive, research-based strategies in policing, prosecution, and sentencing that elected and appointed leaders are using to move away from harsh carceral practices and respond to social and economic needs. These reforms illuminate a new vision of public safety that reduces our reliance on systems of enforcement and control while relying instead on research, collaboration, and community engagement—not incarceration—to build and support communities.

Read the Foreword to the Report (PDF: 39.25 KB)

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UPCOMING EVENT: Navigating the Future of Racial Justice in Appellate Law, May 20  3-4:30 pm EST. During the last year, we have witnessed racial justice movements make incredible progress throughout our nation. At times, however, pursuing racial justice at the appellate level has been fraught with barriers to access and various legal challenges which appellate practitioners are continuously working to overcome. This event will critically engage some of the most pressing legal issues of our time with experts in the field, with the intention of providing attorneys and law students with fresh insights on how best to navigate the future of racial justice in the appellate space.
Event panelists will include:
- The Honorable Judge Theodore McKee, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
- Juvaria Khan, Executive Director, The Appellate Project
- Alexis Karteron, Director, Constitutional Rights Clinic, Rutgers University Law
- Vincent Southerland, Executive Director, Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law, New York University School of Law
The conversation will be moderated by the American Muslim Bar Association (AMBA) President, Salmah Rizvi. 

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Op-ED: Derek Chauvin's Guilty Verdict in George Floyd's Murder was an Exception. The Work Continues

Support the People's Campaign for Parole Justice to transform New York's parole system

Professor Deborah Archer provides a reminder of the need to reckon with race and racism 

Professor Deborah Archer describes how racism shaped America's interstate highways 

Where Do We Go From Here?: A Conversation About the Future of Race and Inequality in America (VIDEO): A conversation with Professors Deborah Archer, Anthony Thompson, and Vincent Southerland.

Examining Racial Inequality in the Criminal Legal System (VIDEO): Alexis Hoag '08 moderates a panel discussion.

Professor Deborah Archer named president of ACLU board of directors

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