Fall 2016 Schedule of Presenters


Fall 2016

Professors Jeremy Waldron and Liam Murphy

Schedule of Speakers

September 8
Liam Murphy, NYU

Private Law and Public Illusion
Lecture One: Artificial Morality
Lecture Two: The Persistence of an Illusion

September 15
Erin Kelly, Tufts University

Limits of Blame: Rethinking Punishment and Responsibility
Chapter 4: Criminal Justice without Blame
Chapter 5: Rethinking Punishment

September 22 
Daryl Levinson, NYU
Looking for Power in Public Law

September 29
Michael Moore, University of Illinois
Liberty and the Constitution

October 6
Kevin Davis, NYU
Who should regulate transnational corruption?

October 13 
Derrick Darby, University of Michigan
A Vindication of Voting Rights

October 20 
Frederick Neuhouser, Columbia University
Rousseau and the Nature of Social Inequality

October 27 
Jeremy Waldron, NYU
What Respect is Owed to Illusions about Immigration and Culture?

November 3 
Anna Stilz, Princeton University
Unilateral Appropriation and Territory

November 10
Please note change of location to Rm 208, Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Washington Square So.
Larissa Katz, University of Toronto
Equity: Public Pathways to Private Rights

November 17 
Victor Tadros, University of Warwick
The Personal and Relational Sources of Doing and Allowing

December 1
Patricia Williams, Columbia University
Toward A Phenomenology of Skittles

December 8
Marcia Baron, Indiana University
The Distinction Between Subjective and Objective Standards in the Criminal Law
Eight ways the objective and the subjective are distinguished