Fall 2015 Schedule of Presenters

Convened by Professors Jeremy Waldron and Samuel Scheffler

September 3
Stephen Holmes, NYU
From Mimicry to Perfidy

September 10
John Gardner, Oxford
The Many Faces of the Reasonable Person

September 17 
Please note change of location for this session in classroom 216 FH

Kenji Yoshino, NYU
How to Do Things With Facts

September 24
Samuel Scheffler, NYU
Paper removed  at the request of the author

October 1
Jane Mansbridge, Harvard
Contingent Ideals

October 8 
Robert Post, Yale
Democracy, Expertise and Academic Freedom

October 15 
Derek Parfit, NYU and Oxford
Act Consequentialism, Reasons, and Morality

October 22 
Miranda Fricker, Sheffield University
Explaining Forgiveness

October 29 
Sharon Street, NYU
Constructivism in Ethics and the Problem of Attachment and Loss

November 5 
John Ferejohn, NYU
Are There Two Cities or One

November 12 
Danielle Allen, Institute for Advanced Study/Harvard
Paper removed  at the request of the author.

November 19
Katherine Strandburg, NYU
Cost-Benefit Analysis, Precautionary Principles, and Counterterrorism Surveillance

December 3
Martin Stone, Cardozo
Legal positivism as an idea about what morality might be