Fall 2014 Schedule of Presenters

Convened by Professors Liam Murphy and Samuel Scheffler

August 28
Jeremy Waldron, NYU
Accountability: Fundamental to Democracy

September 4
Please note change of speaker
Moshe Halbertal, NYU
"As a"

September 11 
Joseph Raz, Columbia University
Why the State

September 18 
Kristi Olson, Bowdoin College
Fair Pay

October 2
Anthony Appiah, NYU
A Decent Respect: Honour in the Life of People and of Nations

October 9 
Mattias Kumm, NYU and Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
Constitutionalism and the Cosmopolitan State

October 16 
Seana Shiffrin, UCLA
The Moral Neglect of Negligence

October 23 
Scott Hershovitz , University of Michigan
The End of Jurisprudence

October 30 
Barbara Herman, UCLA
Thinking About Imperfect Duties

November 6 
Lea Ypi, London School of Economics
Structural Injustice and the Irrelevance of Attachment

November 13 
Christine Korsgaard, Harvard University
The Claims of Animals and the Needs of Strangers: Two Cases of Imperfect Right

November 20  
T. M.  Scanlon, Harvard University

Note: New version with Afterthought added
Equality of Opportunity: A Normative Anatomy

Optional background reading:  When does Equality Matter?

December 4
Julia Nefsky, University of Toronto
How You Can Help, Without Making a Difference