Fall 2007 Schedule of Presenters

September 6
Mark Kelman
The Heuristics Debate: Its Nature and Implications

September 13
Sharon Street, NYU
Objectivity and Truth: You’d Better Rethink It

September 20
Loren Lomasky
Liberalism Beyond Borders

September 27
Richard Pildes, NYU School of Law
Identity and Democratic Institutions

October 4
Leslie Green
Being Tolerated

October 11
Moshe Halbertal, NYU School of Law
Self-Transcendence, Violence and the Political Order

October 18
Lisa Austin
Privacy and Private Law: The Dilemma of Justification

November 1
Ronald Dworkin, NYU School of Law
Responsibility Without Freedom

November 8
Rainer Forst, NYU School of Law
Toleration and Democracy
Pierre Bayle’s Reflexive Theory of Toleration

(date unavailable)
John Dunn
Capitalist Democracy: Elective Affinity or Beguiling Illusion?
Disambiguating Democracy

December 6
David Golove, NYU School of Law
Incorporating Global Justice into the US Constitution