Fall 2006 Schedule of Presenters

Convened by Professors Ronald Dworkin, Thomas Nagel, and Jeremy Waldron

September 7
William Talbott
Toward a Revival of Consequentialism

September 14
Jeremy Waldron
The Concept and the Rule of Law

September 21
Sophia Moreau
What is Discrimination?

September 28<
Samuel Issacharoff
Fragile Democracies/p>

October 5
Jürgen Habermas
Religion in the Public Sphere

October 12
Jürgen Habermas
The Language Game of Responsible Agency and the Problem of Free Will: How Can Epistemic Dualism Be Reconciled with Ontological Monism?

October 19
Lewis Kornhauser
Legal Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law

October 26<br> Samuel Scheffler
Immigration and the Significance of Culture

November 2
Noah Feldman
Cosmopolitan Law?

November 9
Thomas Scanlon

November 16
Jack Balkin
Abortion and Original Meaning

November 30
Ronald Dworkin
Justice for Hedgehogs (excerpts)

December 7
Thomas Pogge
Incentives for Pharmaceutical Research: Must They Exclude the Poor from Advanced Medicines?
Human Rights and Global Health: A Research Program

What is Global Justice?