Fall 2005 Schedule of Presenters

Convened by Professors Ronald Dworkin and Thomas Nagel

September 8
Seana Shiffrin
The Divergence of Contract and Promise
Promising, Intimate Relationships, and Conventionalism

September 15
J. David Velleman
Against the Right to Die
A right to Self-Termination

September 22
Kathleen Sullivan
Sullivan Workshop Cover Memo
AAUP amicus brief FAIR

September 29
Charles Larmore
The Autonomy of Morality

October 6
Thomas Nagel
Secular Philosophy and the Religious Temperament

October 13
Ronald Dworkin
Hedgehogs, 2 & 4

October 20
Benedict Kingsbury
The Problem of the Public in Public International Law

October 27
Tommie Shelby
Black Solidarity After Black Power

November 3
Elizabeth Harman
Harman to the Seminar
The Mistake in “I'll Be Glad I Did It” Reasoning: The Significance of Future Desires

Sacred Mountains and Beloved Fetuses: Can Loving or Worshipping Something Give It Moral Status?

November 10
David Dyzenhaus
The Legitimacy of the Rule of Law

November 17
Liam Murphy
Morality and the Concept of Law

December 1
Mattias Kumm
Perfection, Sacrifice and Political Liberalism: The Structures of Rights

December 8
Stephen Macedo
Immigration and Social Justice