Emiliano Catan

Professor Emiliano ’10 Catan Joins ICGF as a Co-Director

Emiliano Catan LLM ’10, the Catherine A. Rein Professor of Law, has joined Edward Rock and Robert Jackson as a Co-Director for the Institute for Corporate Governance & Finance. A member of the NYU School of Law faculty since 2014, Professor Catan’s research focuses on corporate governance, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Emiliano to the Institute’s leadership team,” Professors Rock and Jackson said. “His deep understanding of corporate-law institutions, exceptional scholarship and commitment as a teacher and student of Delaware law reflect what the Institute does best: bringing together world-class scholars and practitioners in the fields of law and finance.”

The Institute was launched in 2016 to take advantage of the concentration of finance, talent, and activity in New York and New York University. The Institute produces around a dozen programs each year on topics that matter to current debates in corporate governance and finance. The Institute serves as a forum for discussion among law and business practitioners, law and business academics, regulators, and judges. Recent Institute programs have featured the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellors of the Delaware Court of Chancery, the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Please join Co-Directors Edward Rock and Robert Jackson, Executive Director Nadia Jannetta, and their assistant, Nichole Gomez, in welcoming Co-Director Emiliano Catan as an official member of the team!

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In any significant corporate governance controversy, the de facto “deciders” are the largest institutional investors. This new balance of power sets the policy and research agenda. The Institute for Corporate Governance & Finance was launched in 2016 to address these issues, taking advantage of the concentration of finance, talent, and activity in New York and at New York University. Whatever the issue—activist shareholders, short-term versus long-term investment horizons, compensation, control contests, going private, spinoffs, etc.—the central questions should be “what do the big institutions think?” and “what should the big institutions think?” The Institute gathers the key individuals in academia, government, corporations, asset management, and private practice into conversation with the goal of providing the community with practical answers to address real-world issues. See Annual Report

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