New Tools to Combat Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

February 26, 2020

PCCE co-hosted the Latham & Watkins Forum on New Tools to Combat Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, moderated by PCCE Executive Director, Alicyn Cooley. Taking place most Wednesdays during the academic year, the Forum presents discussions on current events, intellectual ideas, and professional training. The Forum’s objective is to educate and provoke discussion, and it is designed for student exchange of ideas with experts.

The eradication of human trafficking and modern slavery requires creative and impactful new tools. This Forum looked at how law, technology, and enforcement efforts can be combined to disrupt and deter the sprawling network of perpetrators. What role can the financial sector and corporations play in this effort? Where is the movement to improve transparency in supply chains headed next? Experts at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives in these areas, with backgrounds in law enforcement, finance, and compliance, discussed these issues and answered questions from the audience. 


  • Dr. James Cockayne LLM '05, Director, UN University Centre for Policy Research, and Head of Secretariat, Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking
  • Alicyn Cooley, Executive Director, PCCE, and Adjunct Professor of Law, NYU School of Law (Moderator)
  • Barry Koch '80, Commissioner, Financial Sector Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Krishna Patel, Managing Partner, KnDo Advisors; former federal prosecutor of human trafficking and terrorism offenses

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