Recent Developments in Arbitration
In November 2022, the Center on Civil Justice hosted a conference on Recent Developments in Arbitration.  This book collects the articles that were the subject of the panels of that event.

Mandatory Disclosure Rules in Dispute Financing
One of the most significant controversies in the field of dispute financing is whether financing agreements should be required to be disclosed during disputes, and, if so, to whom and to what extent. This volume collects pieces by five different authors with different perspectives on the need for mandatory disclosure rules.

Class Action Effect Book
In May, 2017, the Center on Civil Justice co-hosted a conference with the University of Montreal on the evolution of the class action vehicle in North America.  Publications from that conference were collected into a book and published by Éditions Yvon Blais, the Quebecois affiliate of Thomson-Reuters.

Oral History of Rule 23
The Center on Civil Justice has published a transcript of the Oral History of Rule 23 panel from the 2016 conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of Rule 23.  The panel was an interview of Professor Arthur R. Miller by Professor Samuel Issacharoff.  Professor Miller was present at the creation and drafting of Rule 23 in 1966. Professor Issacharoff conducted an interview illuminating this history and the ethical issues that were anticipated at the time of drafting. The interview has been transcribed and appears here with light editing. 

Law Review Volume 92, Number 4: Rule 23 @ 50 conference book
Publications from the 2016 Rule 23 conference were collected into a book at published by the NYU Law Review.