The Center's Mission

The Center on Civil Justice at New York University School of Law is dedicated to the U.S. civil justice system and the continued fulfillment of its purpose. The Center brings together the unmatched strengths of the NYU Law faculty in the fields of procedure and complex litigation with the sophisticated practitioners and judges who make up our Board of Advisers.  Together we endeavor to support our civil courts as a place for people to fairly and efficiently resolve their problems and access justice.

The Center's faculty directors are Professors Samuel Issacharoff, Arthur Miller, and Geoffrey Miller. It is directed by Hon. Beverly Martin, previously a U.S. Circuit judge. The Center’s work on Access to Justice is led by Janet Sabel, whose work in government and as a public interest lawyer uniquely equips her to support courts in their efforts toward reform. The Center has an advisory board made up of cutting-edge practitioners, as well as thought leaders from the judiciary. The chair of the Board of Advisers is Sheila Birnbaum. The Center brings together scholars, practicing lawyers, judges, court administrators, and others to track developments in our civil justice system and offer support and solutions for these changing times. 


CCJ has three remaining events this Fall.  On Monday, October 23rd, CCJ will be hosting two events -- a half-day conference on Nationwide Injunctions and a book talk by Stephen Vladeck.  Then, on Wednesday, November 1st, CCJ will co-host with the Antitrust & Competition Law Society a panel entitled: "Unlocking Antitrust: Updates in Merger Enforcement."


The Center on Civil Justice recently hosted four conferences.  On September 16, 2022, CCJ hosted "The Shifting Tide in State Court Civil Litigation."  The conference highlighted how an increasing percentage of state court dockets is comprised of lawsuits-- particularly evictions, foreclosures, and debt collections -- filed by serial plaintiffs against unrepresented defendants, and it featured a keynote address by Michigan Chief Justice Bridget McCormack. On November 12, 2022, CCJ hosted "Recent Developments in Arbitration," discussing issues around the rise in arbitration and what arbitration-related issues are left for courts to decide.  The event was organized by Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal of the Southern District of Texas, who moderated the first panel.  On February 3, 2023, CCJ hosted "Emerging Trends in Third-Party Funding."  The event unveiled discussed groundbreaking issues in the field, such as mandatory disclosure and law firm ownership, gave a first hand account of the funding contract process, and more.  Most recently, on September 13, 2023, CCJ hosted "The Future of AI & the Law: Risks, Opportunities and Challenges."  The conference grappled with how the legal profession could change with the rise in artificial intelligence.

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