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The Center on Civil Justice at New York University School of Law is dedicated to the study of the civil justice system in the United States and how it can continue to fulfill its purposes. The Center draws on the unmatched strengths of the NYU Law faculty in the fields of procedure and complex litigation, as well as on a Board of Advisers consisting of leading practitioners and Judges, to identify the problems that most deserve further investigation and engagement, and to fill a void in scholarly and policy analysis.

The Center's faculty directors are Professors Samuel Issacharoff, Arthur Miller, and Geoffrey Miller. It is directed by Hon. Beverly Martin. The Center has an advisory board made up of leading practicing lawyers, as well as leading members of the judiciary. The chair of the Board of Advisors is Sheila Birnbaum. The Center joins scholars, practicing lawyers, judges, court administrators, and other interested participants and encourages them to explore anew the role that litigation plays in our legal system, the values that need to be preserved, and what can be done in the modern age to preserve them. 


Center on Civil Justice Releases Mandatory Disclosure Rules in Dispute Financing Book

The Center on Civil Justice has released a new book, compiling six articles by five authors on the subject of mandatory disclosure rules in third-party funding.

One of the most significant controversies in the field of dispute financing is whether financing agreements should be required to be disclosed during disputes, and, if so, to whom and to what extent. This volume collects pieces by five different authors with different perspectives on the need for mandatory disclosure rules. 

You can view the full book online here.

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