International Transactions Clinic - for LL.M.s

LW.12458, Sec 002 / LW.12459, Sec 002
Professor Deborah Burand
Open to LL.M. students
Maximum of 2 LL.M. students
Spring semester
7 credits*
No prerequisites or co-requisites. (See "Qualifications for Applicants" below.)


The International Transactions Clinic (ITC) provides students with the opportunity to provide legal services to clients that are conducting cross-border transactions in emerging markets. The ITC is open to LL.M. students in the spring semester for 7 credits. (Note: The ITC is not open for enrollment by LL.M.s in the fall semester.)

The ITC offers students the opportunity to learn drafting and negotiation skills as applied to cross-border transactions, analyze ethical issues that can arise in international business, build skills at structuring and documenting investments in enterprises that primarily work in emerging markets, gain exposure to the types of transactional disputes that can arise in the international context, and deepen their understanding of international economic and financial policy. Students also learn how to give legal advice and support to clients that work in challenging business and legal environments.

The ITC focuses on international transactions where law students provide legal services to clients that are intent on making the world a better place through innovative business models, products and services. Together the ITC’s students and its clients are proving that it is possible to do good by doing deals – globally.

Course Description


The ITC has a diverse range of clients ranging from for-profit to not-for-profit organizations, from start-up companies to well-established businesses, and from impact investors to social enterprises. Some clinic clients are based in the United States; others are based as far away as Switzerland and Uganda. What the ITC clients all hold in common, however, is an international focus and a willingness to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges—like poverty, inadequate housing, sustainable energy, environmental degradation, and lack of affordable and accessible health services at the base of the economic pyramid.

Students work in teams of two or three students under the supervision of the clinic faculty and practicing attorneys. Students typically work on two to three transaction matters at a time. Students should expect to spend 10-15 hours a week on fieldwork for clients, in addition to time required by the seminar. Some weeks will be much shorter due to matters outside of the students’ control; other weeks, however, may be much longer for the very same reason. This is one reason why transaction matters are assigned to teams of students to help share workloads.


The seminar meets twice a week for two hours. In these seminar meetings, the ITC concentrates on teaching students skills that are critically important to their professional development as they enter into practice areas that involve international transactions. The seminar makes use of classroom simulations, case rounds, and guest speakers (often practicing lawyers with expertise in structuring and documenting cross-border transactions, and clinic clients). The seminar also is used to discuss ethical, strategic and systemic issues that arise in the transaction matters in which students are involved.

Qualifications for Applicants

No pre-requisites. Students applying to the ITC should have a demonstrable interest in international matters (this can be demonstrated through past work, education and/or travel experiences, language skills, or other internationally-oriented skills and experiences).

Application Procedure

Students should submit an application, resume and transcript on-line via CAMS. Please note there is a separate application form for LL.M.s. The deadline is different than for JDs, and is posted on the Clinic Application Timelines page.

Due to the large number of applications we will not require telephone interviews of all applicants. If Professor Burand needs to speak with you after reviewing applications, Michael D’Amelio will email you to schedule an appointment. If you have questions about the clinic, you may direct them to Deborah Burand.

Student Contact

Raissa Jonah

* 7 credits include 3 clinical credits and 4 academic seminar credits.