Clinic Matching and Selection Process

How Clinic Matching is Conducted

  • Each clinic/externship's faculty submits a list of accepted students. (Faculty do not have access to students' preferences when making their acceptance decisions.)
  • The lists are compared with student preferences, and students receive their first preference among the clinics/externships to which they have been accepted. For example, if a student is accepted into two clinics/externships, the system would place them in the one they ranked higher.
  • After initial offers are made, each clinic/externship maintains a wait list. If an opening occurs, wait-listed students are informed of their option to accept a position in that clinic/externship. Thus, students placed in their second or third choice course may later be notified that they have gotten into a higher-preferred clinic/externship.  
  • Students offered admission to a clinic/externship that was not their top preference may continue on the wait list for ones they ranked higher, whether they accept or decline the lower-rated clinic/externship offered. However, students cannot be placed on a waitlist for a clinic/externship they ranked lower than the one they are offered. 


  • JD students will be notified by e-mail on Monday, April 29, 2024, whether or not they have been accepted into a clinic or externship.
  • Students who are accepted will receive only one offer email – for the highest-preferred clinic/externship to which they were accepted. 
  • All offers for Fall and Spring clinics are made at the same time.
  • If a student is not accepted into any of the clinics to which they have applied, every attempt will be made to offer a clinic placement from openings available in other clinics.

Accepting or Declining an Offer

  • Students should not accept a clinic/externship offer unless they are certain that they can honor that commitment.
  • Those who are accepted will be asked to confirm their intention to enroll in the clinic/externship.
  • To accept or decline an offer, simply reply to the e-mailed offer, including the text of the offer email with the response.
  • This confirmation of intent should be e-mailed to Susan Hodges by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 10, 2024.


  • Enrollment lists will be pre-loaded into Courses before the June bidding deadline.
  • Students do not need to bid for clinics/externships, nor will they be able to register themselves during the Drop/Add period.

Commitment to the Clinic/Externship

  • Withdrawals from a clinic/externship after indicating intent to enroll can have substantial detrimental consequences for other students in the clinic/externship, the faculty members teaching the clinic/externship, and the clients served by the clinic/externship.
  • If a rising second year student drops a clinic/externship after the May 10th deadline—despite this explanation of the problems that it would cause—and if the student thereafter applies for a clinic/externship in their third year, teachers of the clinics/externships to which the student applies will be informed of the student's failure to honor the deadline in the previous year.
  • If unforeseen circumstances require that a student withdraw after accepting an offer, they should notify both Susan Hodges and the faculty members teaching the course, at the earliest possible opportunity.