Office 365

Your mail address gives you access to Office 365 for free. This allows you to install Microsoft Office on five different machines as well as use their web based Office applications.

1.       Navigate to and click “Find out if you’re eligible.” Type in your as the email address.

2.       You will receive an email from the Microsoft Office 365 Team with a link to continue registration. Check your SPAM filter if you do not find this in your inbox.

3.       Fill out the registration information to create a Microsoft Account.

4.       You should now have access to the Office 365 Portal (, which is where you can access Office 365’s web apps and install Office on up to 5 devices.

5.       To install office locally, login to the Office 365 Portal and click Install Now. Run the installation file on your respective system.

6.       Office will setup and run automatically on Windows while on Mac you will have to click next a few times through an installer.*

*Mac users looking to download Outlook 15 will need to navigate to “Office 365 settings,” via the gear in the top right hand corner of the Office 365 portal. You will find Outlook 15 under the Software tab. The same install instructions apply and Outlook 15 can be installed on the same system as the Outlook included with default installation.