International Law Society


Below is a list of proposed events and activities for the coming academic year:

Lecture Series

Throughout the academic year, ILS will organize and host lectures on international themes by faculty, scholars, and professionals both from within and outside of the law school. Emphasis will be on both public and private international law, as well as foreign policy work. ILS also hopes to make these lectures interdisciplinary by working with the ELS, Law Women, the ALSAs, LSHR, and other groups.

Practitioner Brown Bag Lunch Series

ILS will set up lunches with practitioners in areas of international focus to give students the opportunity to meet attorneys who actually work in various fields of international law and to discuss hot-button legal issues.

JD/LLM Events

Chances for JDs and LLMs to meet, network, and discuss international law.

Language Tables

Informal groups for language enthusiasts, run by the participants, with some funding from ILS.

Summer Job Panel

IA panel discussion aimed at 1Ls to inform them of the types of internationally related summer work available and the techniques they can use to get those jobs/internships. 2Ls and 3Ls will discuss their past summer jobs and present a variety of potential opportunities. Also, ILS will discuss the opportunities that exist for study abroad, both over the summer and during the academic year.

Career Panel Series

Panels dedicated to private practice, public international law and policy work, and the government sector will be held between November and February.


A possible symposium is in the works, which is an all day event to be held potentially in mid-November on a relevant topic in international law. ILS intends to attain leading academics and public figures from around the region to engage the NYU community in a dialogue of international, as well as cross-disciplinary, interest.

Curriculum Panel

A panel of 2Ls and 3Ls will, in the Spring Semester, provide advice on how to get the most out of NYU Law's international law curriculum, including which international law classes and professors to take and which to stay away from.

End of Year ILS Get-Together

ILS is planning an end of the year get-together to celebrate another successful year as one of NYU Law’s most important organizations.

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