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New York University School of Law is the preeminent school in the country for the study of International Law. Many students choose to come to NYU because of this reputation and with the goal of involving themselves in international issues. The International Law Society (“ILS”) seeks to supplement the NYU global curriculum with numerous lectures, brown bag lunches, issue specific discussion groups, and career and academic panels. These are, of course, open to the entire school and will be frequented by upper-class students and LLMs as well as 1L students.

Additionally, ILS works to aid students in pursuing careers with an international dynamic. To that end, ILS organizes panel discussions in which they can learn about career and summer opportunities.

ILS also serves to better integrate NYU’s LLM students with the JD student body. This serves both a professional and social purpose. As the majority of LLM students have already practiced law in their home countries, they are well equipped to advise and provide help to those JD students who seek to work in international fields. JD students provide a perspective on the study and practice of law in the United States.

As in the past, ILS seeks to combine its resources with other groups and departments at the Law School for mutually beneficial activities. ILS hopes to take further advantage of contacts with Law Women, the Global Law School, the Environmental Law Society (“ELS”), the Office of Career Services (“OCS”), the Law Student Associations (the “-LSA”s), Law Students for Human Rights (“LSHR”), and other groups to provide more integrated and reaching discussions and opportunities.

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